Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

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Mars goes into harmonious Gemini on March 3, bringing you sound judgment around a career matter. Your ability to express yourself is quite strong now, and you can state your case to your supervisor for a flexible work schedule or assigning someone else to a project you don't want to do.

There's a new moon in Pisces on the thirteenth, putting some emphasis on your productivity habits. If you’ve been procrastinating on tasks, now you can find the information you need to get motivated again. Remember that procrastination almost always happens for one of two reasons: the task is too difficult or the task is too boring.

The sun goes into Aries on March 20, and Libra natives have a strong desire to collaborate. If you own a business, it would be good to find other entrepreneurs to do some cooperative advertising or be on each other's online video channel.

There's a full moon in your own sign on the twenty-eighth, and you’re more visible to the world. Focus on promoting yourself, such as marketing your business or sending out your resume for a new job. You're more likely to get people to answer the phone now, so don't hesitate to make calls.

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