Libra 2020 Love Horoscope

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Love and romance are always important to you, Libra, but this year less so than usual. I expect a status quo situation to prevail. Singles will tend to remain single, marrieds will tend to remain married.

For singles this is more of a year for love affairs than serious committed relationship. There are many, many romantic opportunities this year, but of the ‘fun and games’ variety – not really marriage material.

Still, there are periods in life where this is called for and you should enjoy them for what they are. If you understand what you are dealing with there is no hurt or disappointment. Disappointment arises when you have false or unrealistic expectations.

Marrieds, or those involved in a serious relationship, have a more complicated love life. The interesting thing is that none of it really involves you directly. The problems in love – the storms, the ups and downs – involve your partner and his or her stresses. He or she is emotionally volatile.

Perhaps involved in a power struggle with siblings or neighbours. Your partner is involved in a vicious conflict of some kind. You seem on good terms with everyone concerned. You are affected indirectly. Your task is to inject some calm and love into the situation, and not take things personally.

Your partner or spouse seems single-minded, almost fanatical, in his or her desires and you will need to be even more diplomatic than usual to handle this. Sexual performance should be strong. Passion levels are high.

Your partner or spouse is very involved in your financial life most of the year. Finances are probably involved in this conflict. By September, calm should be restored.

Your partner is also changing the image and personality – re-inventing him- or herself – both on a business and personal level. You seem in harmony with this.

Your spouse or partner also seems involved in a religious transformation of some kind – a born again experience. This is also creating volatility, change, high passion. Just flow with things and stay above the fray. Things will work out.

For singles, March 20th to April 20th is a specially good social period. On an overall level, February 2nd to June 6th is very good. Romantic opportunities are plentiful – but again, are they more than just fun and games?

The social life of a parent (or parent figure) becomes happy after July 13th. New and important friends come into the picture. If the parent is married, the marriage gets better; if single, there are marriage or romantic opportunities. Siblings who are single are involved in serious romance, but it is not a smooth ride.

Very turbulent. Married siblings have stress in the marriage. Those of you with children of marriageable age need patience this year.

Though there is more stability in their personal lives of late, they are still not ready for serious romance – there are plentiful love affairs, though.

Those of you old enough to have grandchildren of marriageable age might want to be available to them for love counselling and hand-holding – romance is very stressed, very fiery and stormy, not likely to end well.

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