Libra 2019 Love Horoscope

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The year begins with benevolent Jupiter still in your 7th House of Marriage. Most of you have either married, entered significant relationships or added new and prominent friends to your social circle.

But if not, the early part of the year - until 15th February - is still good for these things. If you were born late in the Sign of Libra - from 15th to 22nd October - Jupiter will still be in your 7th House for the first half of the year. Love is blooming now. Singles will marry or meet a significant other.

Love is in the neighbourhood these days. No need to run off to exotic climes or out-of-town resorts, it is right where you are. If a sibling invites you to a party or to meet someone, take the invitation seriously. Street parties or local social activities are also likely meeting places. Love can bloom through the post as well. There is much communication about love this year.

The first half of the year is almost a perfect love year as you have wonderful options. With your 5th House strong you have plenty of romantic opportunities that are not serious; they are fun-and-games type relationships. And, with your 7th House strong, you have an opportunity for more serious relationships. It all depends on what you want. The Cosmos will give you either.

Those of you looking towards a second marriage are likely to meet that special someone after 1st July. The Cosmos is offering you choices as well - either romantic flings or serious, committed love.

Two Eclipses - a Lunar one on 21st January and Solar one on 30th July - are impacting on those who are either married for the third time or looking towards a third marriage. If you are attached, the Eclipses will test the relationship, bringing out hidden flaws for correction - perhaps producing a crisis in the relationship. If you are unattached, the Eclipses could bring love to you - but with much disruption of your personal life and normal patterns. Yes, love is good but it can be very disruptive.

A sibling is likely to marry after the summer. Romantic opportunity is there, but there is a need to go slow and let love develop. Your parents' marriage is stormy and the Eclipses of 1st July, 16th July and 25th December will test it.

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