Libra Monthly Horoscope

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A new moon in Aries on April 5 marks a new cycle for your relationships (especially international connections and those at a distance), asking that you focus on common long-term goals. That’s healing in any relationship. If you remember actions speak louder than words (yours and another’s), you can break free of a pattern.

Jupiter stations retrograde in Sagittarius on the tenth, and there are huge revelations coming through, causing you to question what you think you know. It might call for a detour, but a creative solution could be the answer to your prayers. Keep the big picture in mind and you won’t get sidetracked.

The full moon aligns in Libra on April 19. This is personal and could get emotional. But no matter how urgent something seems, you needn’t sacrifice yourself. Take care of your needs first, then you can attend to what or who needs your attention and make balanced choices that work for all you care about.

Life is changing and you don’t have total control. But you do have control over your emotions and how you respond to life. The peace you seek is within.

Standout days: 12, 14, 20
Challenging days: 10, 15, 19

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