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September begins with a new moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars stacked in Virgo, the most secluded part of your chart. Your subconscious is working overtime for the first half of the month, marking an introspective phase. This is a chance to rest, recharge your batteries, and reconnect with your inner being and a greater divine plan. Life is evolving on a core level, on the surface, and behind the scenes. But for all that is unknown, a situation is stabilizing.

On September 13, the Pisces full moon is highlighting your work, health, and life, revealing your next steps. On the next day, Mercury and your ruler Venus enter Libra (your home sign), bringing clarity. You’re finding your voice and perhaps the missing piece of the puzzle. A mystery is unraveling. Take things a day at a time and you can learn what you need to know to heal a situation or clear up a mess.

On the eighteenth, as Saturn stations direct in Capricorn, you’re standing at a threshold between past and future. This is a chance to build a new life on new foundations that support you, the life you’re creating, and everything you’re becoming. Let your roots go deep.

September 21, Jupiter and Neptune make a final square aspect (the first two occurred in mid-January and mid-June), marking a final turning point in a journey that has been a learning curve, putting you on the road to the deeper fulfillment you seek.

On the twenty-third, the sun enters Libra, putting you in the spotlight.

On September 28, the new moon in Libra marks a personal new start. Before you begin the new cycle, consciously release the parts of you that you’ve outgrown. Integrate all the ways you’ve grown in wisdom, consciousness, knowledge, and power. Then you can step into the new cycle authentically, unfurling your inner beauty, the real you, and all that you’re becoming.

Standout Dates: 1, 6, 13, 28
Challenging Dates: 4, 14, 25, 30

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