Libra Monthly Horoscope

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Partnership, collaboration, and union are top priorities at this time, Libra (solar seventh house), as well as a focus on your domesticity and family (solar fourth house). Over the coming months, Mars will encourage you to work one-on-one with the perfect partner because you can make more progress as a team. This could mean working with someone professionally, such as an agent, attorney, publicist, social media manager, or fitness trainer.

Single Libras may be hungrily looking for the perfect match, and with the full moon on August 3 igniting your heart, you could see a breathtaking romantic moment appear. Whether you’re single or attached, use this to plan something memorable that can align your heart with a twin flame (solar fifth house). This blessed full moon may also bear fruit in the form of a pregnancy, birth, or exciting news related to a child. Last, if you are creative, an exciting opportunity to showcase your work could also appear.

More fun is written in the stars as the sun and Mercury both heat up your social sector throughout much of the month (solar eleventh house). When the new moon arrives on the eighteenth, you could be invited to a lovely event or social gathering that promises to be especially lively. If you’re choosing to social distance instead, engage with your network digitally.

Finally, when the sun decides it needs a reprieve, it will enter your privacy sector on August 22 (solar twelfth house). Over the coming month, you will reflect on your life and contemplate where you have been and where you still want to go. This is a wonderful time to heal and work with someone who can guide you, whether that is a medical professional, therapist, or guru.

Standout days: 3, 17, 18
Challenging days: 1, 25, 30

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