Libra Weekly Horoscope

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With a very potent focus on your home and family sector, you may wonder how this holiday season will pan out. If there have been various issues to contend with, sobering Saturn’s developing connection with powerful Pluto could encourage you to do something about it.

However, as upbeat Jupiter moves into this same zone and the sign of Capricorn, its presence could uplift your spirits. You may begin to have faith that things can work out as you hope. And it can bring a very positive quality to any celebrations and gatherings

It may be important to be resourceful at this expensive time of year, and toward that end you might go about organizing lists and working out how to get the best deals on food, presents, and anything else necessary to make this a successful holiday season.

A lovely Venus-Neptune connection this weekend could see you getting along very well with someone in either a platonic or romantic sense.

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