Libra 2019 Horoscope

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During 2019, you meet many challenges. The strongest of these is focusing, committing and allowing yourself to let go of the past. Sometimes, when changes or endings have occurred in relationships, you have not reached full closure. This is the time to really let go, to free yourself of old emotional entanglements. There are abundant opportunities throughout the year although it might be difficult to say no to the ones you know will overextend you. By setting some long-range goals, you will be better able to identify which opportunities will actually work best for you over the long run.

If your birthday occurs from September 29th to October 4th, buckle up your seat belt for a bumpy ride! Changes may come so quickly you don't have time to change your mind. Uranus squares the Sun: the real you is screaming to get out. Relationships will all be tested, and those which are out of harmony can be readily released now. In your career, it's important that you have room to move. You need opportunities to express your unique ideas and make a difference. Family life can also be a bit strained, especially if you are feeling too restricted. How can you release your-self from the restraints and still maintain a basic sense of direction? Can you allow your intuitive guidance to help you through this challenge?

If you were born from October 4th to the 10th, you're challenged by Neptune's square to the Sun. Can you really see yourself? Continual reality checks are recommended. You can find this a time in which you are capable of forgiving even the most devastating of hurts. You are seeking peace and harmony more strongly than ever but must guard against finding those states in detrimental ways. Addictive behavior patterns can run rampant. But you can open to the imagination, using your fantasies to become tremendously creative. You surrender your increased sensitivity and need to be compassionate to your Higher Self. This can be a period of illumination or a time of helplessness.

The choice is yours Saturn squares the Sun for those born October 8th through the 20th. This is one of those maturation cycles. What we sometimes forget at these times is how to allow the creative child to play while the responsible adult labors. This period can be unbelievably productive. You didn't know you could get so much done! You may also feel like you have difficulty getting ahead, blocked by others or situations which feel like imprisonment. The tendency is to be overly critical of yourself and highly skeptical of others. You can channel this criticism constructively and strengthen your assets rather than focusing only on your liabilities.

There is a lot of honesty required in this cycle.

Staying in balance is crucial for you. Physically and spiritually, body work which balances the chakras and polarity therapy can be highly beneficial now. You may also be feeling blocked and might benefit from a limited period of fasting. Be sure to clear this with your health practitioner. Any techniques which use breath to clear and balance the body will be beneficial to you. Tai chi chaun would be a perfect form of activity now.

You can use music as a healing tool and might also enjoy dancing as a form of rejuvenation. Be aware of the ways in which different types of music affect you. Chanting and toning will also be good clearing exercises. In your visualizations, allow yourself to release your burdens, sprout wings and fly free. See the Earth below you, small and peaceful. Return to the Earth, knowing that you can rise above it whenever you need to!

2019 Horoscope