Libra 2020 Horoscope

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Love, play, fun, and frolic are in your 2020 forecast, thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius, your solar fifth house of recreation, pleasure, creativity, and children. Whatever your age, the time is right to be a kid again and let your lighthearted inner self emerge.
Known as the planet of good fortune, Jupiter is much more than that. It’s really the planet of opportunity. And just about any time Jupiter shines its benefic rays your way, you’ll have a lucky streak. It’s up to you, however, to seize the opportunity and run with it.
Romantic and social opportunities top the list of possibilities this year, which is one of the best for singles on the dating scene. Not that you’ll necessarily find a soul mate. You might, but Jupiter in your solar fifth house is more about playing the field and filling your evenings and weekends with fun. Jupiter is just as terrific for couples in love, who can rediscover the sizzle of romance.
You’ll also have an active social life and the free time to see friends and host get-togethers. All this activity on the social scene will put you in touch with many people, which is great for networking as well as widening your circle of friendship.
You might also want to fill some of your leisure-time hours with sports, exercise, cultural events, and weekend trips. If you want to get in shape, consider joining a gym, learn to play golf or tennis, or walk, bike, or skate with a neighbor.
If you’re a parent, you’ll be a proud one this year with many reasons to cheer your children’s successes. More importantly, you’ll find it easy to connect with your children and delight in enjoyable hours together. Some Libras will welcome an addition to the family.
Creativity is another fifth house theme. Take advantage of this year to explore yours. Learn a new hobby, redecorate your home, delve into scrapbooking, or master a computer graphics program. Use your imagination. Now is the time to develop or perfect your innate talents, which will in some way benefit you in the next year, when Jupiter moves on to Pisces, your solar sixth house of daily work.
Jupiter has another side: expansion. And while that can be fortunate, it also can manifest as too much of a good thing. One cookie is a treat; 15 cookies can add a pound. So focus on balance, which your sign is noted for, and keep all things in perspective. This will be especially important as Jupiter draws closer to its exact May and December alignments with Neptune, also in Aquarius.
Neptune is the ultimate planet of romance and fantasy, but also illusion and delusion. So let your head rule your heart if you feel you’re in love. It might or might not be the real thing because when Neptune is involved it’s easy to fall in love with love. Shy away from commitment until next year, when the bloom could quickly fade. And, if you date a coworker, be sure to keep business and pleasure entirely separate.
You’ll also want to be cautious with investments. Don’t let anyone talk you into putting funds at risk, despite promises and guarantees, which are easily made but just as easily broken. The same applies to games of chance. Try your luck on the lottery the end of May and in mid-December with a single ticket, or get in on a group buy with friends or coworkers.
If Jupiter and Neptune want to hand you a lucky win, it will take only one ticket.
Saturn spends much of the year in Virgo, your solar twelfth house of self-renewal, where it encourages you to look within. Look to the past to identify issues that hold you back and then take steps to resolve them. This is an important step because Saturn will enter your sign October 29. You might catch yourself worrying more. If so, ask yourself why you’re doing that instead of using the cardinal quality of your sign to take action. The reason might surprise you and also help you put the past to rest.
But Saturn doesn’t operate solo this year. It will form an exact alignment with Uranus, planet of change and the unexpected, in Pisces, your solar sixth house, in February and September, just as it did last November. Think back to what was going on in your life at that time. It could give you a few clues as to what to expect this year when these planets meet again.
Job-related changes are a strong possibility because Pisces is your sign of daily work. Use your sixth sense, listen, and observe what’s going on around you, especially if your career field is prone to layoffs or your company isn’t doing as well as it should be. A major company reorganization is also possible. Be prepared, be proactive, and do all you can to protect your position or to network your way into a new one.
You also could simply decide it’s time to move on if a promotion is blocked or a supervisor pushes your limits. Keep in mind, though, that if you make a sudden exit it could be next year before you’re able to land a comparable position.
Do yourself a favor and get routine medical, dental, and eye check-ups because the solar sixth/twelfth house axis also governs health. With Saturn, the planet of structure and rules, involved, be wise and follow your health professional’s advice if he or she suggests, for example, exercise or a healthier diet. Uranus can help you make these and other positive changes if you tap into its energy.
Saturn will enter your sign October 29, and although it will briefly return to Virgo in mid-April next year for about three months, you’ll nevertheless begin to move into this new phase. During the few years that Saturn is in your sign it will challenge you to redefine and prepare yourself for new personal directions. This will be a time when your knowledge and experience will be valuable and when you can benefit from gaining more of the same. You’ll also learn to rely on yourself more than you have in the past and thus further develop your inner strength. Many people need more sleep when Saturn is in their sign, and you also should make rest and relaxation a priority so you’re at your best day after day. It’s all about treating yourself well.
You may have already experienced the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, which completed its transition from Sagittarius into this sign in last November. During the next fifteen years as it moves through your solar fourth house, changes are likely in your domestic and family lives. You could relocate, possibly multiple times, exten-sively renovate your home, or see relatives move in or out. It’s also possible you will become involved in managing a relative’s affairs and that a parent will require your assistance.

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