Libra April 2020 Horoscope

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Marriage and partnerships are front and center, and you’ve lost your patience for mediocrify or unfulfilling situations. Be clear about why you’re staying involved. The wrong reasons will only cause you trouble.
Anxiety over finances or stress from work deplete your patience for emotionally trying situations. Maybe you need a vacation… Consider taking time away from the hassles from April 12 to 20. Even a long weekend might do the trick!
Distasteful situations in your love life can push you beyond your limits.
Whether you feel mistreated or unappreciated, it’s time to air your feelings during the Moon on April 15. But if you open a can of worms, you may also uncover your partner’s discontent; better to expose the core of any problems if love is to survive. Deep emotional bonds can grow stronger during the Moon on April 30, especially if you make time for intimate playfulness.
Renovation or improvements in the workplace from April 1 to 11 can alter productivity. Conferences, meetings or presentations receive positive reviews from April 12 to 21, but power plays from April 20 to 24 can prompt a change in strategy. Avoid taking on unnecessary debt after April 21, since it’s easy to underestimate your obligations and then have to deal with uncomfortable pressures later.
Research, investigation and probing help you get to the core of problems—whether they’re personal or professional. Stay out of the way of those turning stones, though!

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