Libra August 2020 Horoscope

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Before you take a stand concerning anything of importance you’ll require more information. A good cycle for gathering evidence or data and strengthening your professional alliances, you may spend much of your time drawing up plans.
Emotional stresses require physical energy, too, and if you allow sufficient time to build your inner defenses you’ll also feel more physically strong. Responding to vibrational influences, you can use music and subtle therapies like reiki to bring yourself into harmony.
Your inner yearnings may not be fully realized unlessyou’re honest with yourself about those powerful urges and deep needs. The solar eclipse on August 11 emphasizes your need to forge dynamic connections with friends, but it’s also a time of releasing unrealized goals while creating a pathway for renewed hope. This is a period of change, release and forgiveness. However, you must keep your personal boundaries intact, too.
Although Mercury’s retrograde ends on August 5, the effects of this cycle are not complete until August 20. If you’re uncomfortable with plans, contracts, or agreements, give yourself time to evaluate more completely before you decide.
Evidence confirming your decisions strengthens your resolve, and by the Moon on August 26 necessary answers should emerge. Joint finances can be a source of problems until after August 23.
The strongest points in your favor now involve your ability to remain objective. But your Achilles’ heel, centered on your desire to please others, can be a costly flaw.

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