Libra December 2020 Horoscope

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Romance is in the air, and you’re not likely to let anything stand in the way of your enjoyment. But there are potential conflicts, and they may center on differences in values or backgrounds. Your charm and intelligence are both required to deal with this one!
Nothing motivates you to get into shape more than being in love. You’re likely to tiy anything, but working toward healthy goals is much more important than starving yourself so you’ll look good in that sexy new outfit.
Those subtle (and not so subtle) signals you’ve been sending warrant a response, and your desire may be on fire. Although you may feel like spilling all the beans about your good fortune, you may run into problems centered on appropriate or socially acceptable parameters.
Talk over your concerns during the Moon on December 7. Find a beautiful spot, the right wine, and the perfect lighting. Then, all you have to do is get past the family during the Moon on December 22. Well, who said love was always easy?
Spending more than necessary drains your finances through December 11, so try to remember your limits. Good news around speculative concerns heightens your confidence mid-month, but acting without thorough investigation is, again, unreasonable. Pressures on the job get your attention after December 26, when you may have to do something special to turn the tide.
If ever there was a time to marshal all your talents, this is it. Intention is absolutely crucial for a positive outcome.

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