Libra February 2020 Horoscope

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Financial concerns can take the wind out of your sails, especially if past expenses are now catching up to you. You’re willing to work hard, but you can easily burn out if you push too hard. Pace yourself.
You may not feel inspired to work out, and the last thing you want to do is give up precious sleep so that you have time for fitness class. Look for simple alternatives that allow you to keep moving. Concentrate on building flexibility and grace.
A sudden interest in someone at work can disrupt your life, especially if your hormones are rushing and your brain seems to be taking a vacation. Creating an inner balance is the key to determining whether or not there’s a reason to hope. Meanwhile, you’re sending signals like crazy. The solar eclipse on February 16 helps bring your love life into perspective, and you should know where you stand by February 22.
Losing track of budgetary details can be costly. Consider reorganizing your finances, but be careful about trusting so-called experts unless they’re really trustworthy. At work you may run into undermining or jealousy, and even though you might want to keep the peace, you may have to take action just to maintain the proper balance of power. Cooperative ventures work to your advantage after February 22, as long as roles are clearly defined.
You can still capitalize on your special talents, but may stir up jealousy from those who are not aware of the hard work required to present such finesse. Take credit when it comes.

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