Libra January 2020 Horoscope

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Your artistic leanings and desire to share the calling of your heart prompt you to take exciting risks, and despite the conservative climate you can still experience success. Sometimes you simply have to face the odds and go for it — especially if it’s important to you!
Indulging in your favorite pastimes brings joy into your life, and it is that energy that illuminates your spirit. Stress arises if you’re over-committed, reminding you to allow a little time for yourself, especially mid-month.
Family obligations are emphasized during the Moon on January 1, and family can influence decisions about your love life.
Emotionally charged relationships are a high priorily, and you’re not likely to sit back waiting for someone else to act if you’re really interested in stirring up passion. From the Moon on January 17 until the lunar eclipse on January 31, you’re focused on achieving satisfaction and defining the nature of love. If you’re in the right situation, it blossoms; if not, it could collapse.
Meetings and presentations open the way for success from January 1 to 6, when your ideas and projects gain favorable response. Unexpected meetings and developments require you to think fast, and your creative ideas can put you in the fast lane toward success. Speculative ventures fare nicely through January 15, but from January 18 to 23 progress stalls, so don’t give up hope!
Your visionary sensibilities are working overtime, and by listening to the prompting of your inner voice you’ll be in the right place at the right time to start something spectacular.

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