Libra July 2020 Horoscope

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Interaction with others who share your interests can strengthen your foothold professionally, but they may also provide powerful emotional support. This encourages you to trust yourself more fully, and may give you a chance to endorse someone you admire.
You may feel that your energy resources are at a low ebb from July 1 to 17, and in order to increase your stamina you may need to delve into your emotional depths. Old disappointments can undermine your vitality, but surrendering to your artistic interests can help you rebuild.
Misunderstandings can run rampant, and if you feel you’ve gotten your signals crossed, clarifying the issue can be a real mess. Denial or deception can wound your self-esteem, and if you simply accept someone else’s accusations to keep the peace you won’t be happy either. By the lunar eclipse on July 28 there’s more substance, but you may not want what you get as a settlement. Sometimes you just can’t win!
Although you may want to take time away from the action through July 4, you’re ready to nail down a few specifics from July 5 to 10. With Mercury in retrograde after July 11, you may just be backtracking for the remainder of July. A different approach with your superiors can change the course after the Moon on July 12. New investments are not likely to fare well. Take care with your valuables to avoid losses.
Staying in touch with your deeper feelings helps you keep your emotional gyroscope in good working order. Ifyou’re centered you’11 be more effective in the midst of chaos.

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