Libra July 2019 Horoscope

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Support from others increases, and you may feel much more assertive. Get involved in activities that allow you to give something back to your community.

Your energy gets a boost while Mars transits in your sign for the next six weeks. Team sports or fitness classes shared with a friend can be fun, and you may get more from them than in the past.

Give some extra time to your family during the Moon on the 4th, when your personal preferences may take a back seat to the majority rule. In matters of the heart you're not willing to wait for things to happen, and can be quite effective in taking the lead if necessary. It 's easier to get your point across after the 8th.

Although your confidence spurs you to continue your quest, you may run into some conservative opposition to your plans after the 21st. That's OK, because you have a contingency plan for the faint of heart.

Before acting on plans for change from the 1st—5th, make a careful consideration of the long-term effects. You might have better success getting things moving after the 6th, when most of the confusion has lifted.

Contract negotiations and legal situations fare best from the 5th-24th, but you may run into difficult demands after that time. Set your own limits, and stick to them.

Your presentation and personal demeanor can be enhanced from the 11th—17th, when you may have the best success in convincing others to support your aims or ideas.

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