Libra June 2019 Horoscope

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Activities that expand your cultural awareness are extremely satisfying. Travel, educational pursuits, and reading can inspire you to share your ideas through writing, teaching, or other communication. Getting away from the ordinary can be highly rejuvenating. You're curious about the best ways to improve your health, and might also benefit from a class or guidance from a holistic health practitioner.

You may be attracted to someone you've just met during the Moon on the 5th, and a romantic liaison may be quite enjoyable. If you're both available, you may want to pursue the possibilities. But if there are complications, take it slowly.

Why get involved in something that can break your heart? Taking a trip with your sweetheart during the Moon on the 20th can give you clues as to the real status of your trust with one another. Some work behind the scenes from the 1st—8th prepares you to be more effective when presenting your ideas for consideration.

Schedule meetings, conferences or business travel from the 9th—22nd, when your innovative ideas and unique approach are more appreciated. Watch for competitive circumstances at work after the 20th, when power struggles can be the result of growing pains, but may be part of different ethical values. Honor your moral integrity. Your special talents work to your benefit on the 13th—15th. Don't allow others to determine your worth — that's your job!

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