Libra March 2020 Horoscope

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Demands from others can throw you off balance, although you can attract stronger and more enthusiastic support if you present the right image and idea at the right time. Self-respect shines through beautifully and helps you get exactly what you need.
In fitness, build endurance and add flexibility. Eat foods high in B-vita- mins to spark your mental function. Health is highlighted from the Moon on March 2 to the Moon on March 17.
Partnerships hold your attention and provide positive reinforcement from March 1 to 8, although it’s easy to be caught up in the net of high expectations. Honesty keeps you on target. Romantic intensity opens the doors to intimate connection after March 19, when you’re not likely to release your inhibitions unless you’re standing on solid trust. The Libra Moon on March 31 adds to your feeling of vulnerability, but it’s a good time to share your feelings.
Mercury’s retrograde from March 10 to April 2 can mark a good time to re-evaluate contracts or negotiate deals already in progress. Vague indicators about joint finances after March 19 can leave you feeling stranded in a sea of confusion, and you’ll do just as well pulling in your oars and coasting for a while. Laying out all your plans can weaken your position, especially if someone else sees you as a target!
See how the tide turns on its own. Once you get a feel for the direction and strength of the current of change, then you can act. Even health matters may require patience.

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