Libra May 2020 Horoscope

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Disputes with others may escalate, but you can direct the action by maintaining a fair-minded attitude. Your reputation is likely to suffer if you cave in to pressures that could compromise your ethics or ideals.
Tension takes its toll. Make time to pamper yourself a little: It could actually strengthen your vitality and improve your productivity. Consider scheduling a massage during the Moon on May 15, or make time for a retreat after May 23.
Pulling away from conflict-ridden situations is easier if you’re in a neutral place and if you separate issues instead of trying to solve everything at once. If you need time to withdraw, it could actually benefit you by allowing you a more clear perspective. Travel or inspirational experiences spark new romance after May 22, and could lead to truly gratifying results by the Moon on May 30.
Digging into budgetary concerns may actually expose hidden resources. Inheritance or tax matters can be confusing from May 8 to 15, and legal matters are much easier to address after May 21. Business communications create renewed momentum and ignite your enthusiasm after May 23, when your sales abilities and diplomacy sparkle. Just watch out for the occasional snake in the grass.
Expand your horizons. Networking from May 1 to 8 and approaching new contacts after May 21 add to your momentum. Finally your zest for life seems renewed!

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