Libra November 2020 Horoscope

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Concern over financial matters can dampen your spirits, unless you’ve been paying attention to details and understand the ramifications of the changes. You can attract excellent support, but it may not fall into place immediately.
Stress and tension grow, and giving yourself time to rejuvenate may mean pulling back on some of your social or family obligations. You may still end up pinch-hitting for someone after November 21, so leave a gap in your schedule.
Emotions are highly charged this month, and turmoil at home or with your sweetie may leave you wondering why you’re involved in the first place. But just when you re filled with despair, the clouds move away, the sun shines, and the spark of love ignites your heart. Romance lives during and after the Moon on November 23. Fantasy is the beginning; indulge in activities that fill your senses, which can leave you thoroughly satisfied.
Mercury retrogrades again—from November 4 to 24—testing your nerves where money is concerned. If you haven’t balanced your checkbook, do it before the Moon on November 7, because you’ll need to know where you stand by then. Wooing potential investors or interested parties fares best after November 8, although you may have your best success next month.
Your good taste and eye for value give you the edge in negotiations, and also plays a significant part in those improvements in your love life.

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