Libra November 2019 Horoscope

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You may want to make some improvements at home, and may feel inspired to redecorate, remodel, or even move. Family demands can be more pressing, and you may find that they are actually enjoyable.

It's easy to push beyond your physical limitations or to ignore them, which can lead to accident or injury. Your muscles can be more tight under these influences, so remember to stretch and work on flexibility.

Make contact with siblings and strive to resolve any disputes. Turmoil or tension with your family may not be as difficult as you imagine, especially if you're clear about your own self-esteem.

Determine who you're trying to please, and sort through the difference between maintaining tradition and establishing positive bonds with those you love, including family.

Travel after the 23rd, and especially during the Moon on the 29th, opens fresh possibilities.

Even if you have a clear idea of where you want to go, you can run into some opposition to your aims from those who feel threatened by you. Communicate your plans in a manner which provides assurance of your loyalty. Pay special attention to finances during the Moon on the 14th, when emotions can override your good sense. Squabbles over money can be a hassle, but only if you're participating.

Maybe it's not your issue. If that's the case, back away.

Present your ideas that require support from others from the 20th—30th, when you can balance innovative concepts with traditional methodology.

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