Libra October 2020 Horoscope

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Even though you may be on the go, your travels can be quite enjoyable and may even lend themselves to whimsical and romantic possibilities. However, you’ll probably prefer to keep your lips sealed when it comes to a secret love or private encounter.
Old weaknesses can flare up or limit your recreational activities. You might prefer to be a spectator, anyway, but do tiy to stay reasonably active when possible. Meditation can be a wonderful tool to maintain balance between mind and body.
Although you may be quite enthusiastic about romantic possibilities near the time of the Libra Moon on October 9, your feelings can change if you discover that someone does not measure up to your standards. Before pronouncing judgment, weigh your options carefully. It’s possible that you’ve encountered your own inhibitions. If you want to change them, make time for intimate exchange during the Moon on October 24.
Research and investigation are worth their weight in gold, and if you’ve had a hunch about something and are determined to find the facts, you’re likely to have excellent results. After October 18, watch out for competition from others who see you as a threat. Special care with expenses and finances is necessary from October 4 to 11, when impulse can get you into trouble. Return on investments becomes known after October 24.
Making adjustments for changes in your partner’s status keeps your relationship on an even keel.

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