Libra September 2019 Horoscope

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This is the time to complete things that are already in motion and to tie up loose ends. Getting distracted can undermine your effectiveness in your work, and may be costly in a relationship. Allow extra time for rest and rejuvenation.

During your workouts, concentrate on building endurance. Attention to your health is especially important during the lunar eclipse on the 16th, when you are more aware of your body's limitations.

You're more easily infatuated from the 3rd—12th, when your expectations can exceed the possibilities of reality. During the solar eclipse on the 1st, allow some time for contemplation or retreat in order to gain some objectivity about your life.

Seek a way to integrate the spiritual into your everyday reality, including your relationship. You may long for a partner who shares your ideals and who feels more like a soulmate.

Your job is to open your own heart to real love.

While Mercury retrogrades until the 9th, you may run into a series of strange communication errors, particularly those connected to high-tech equipment. Finances can also be strained early in the month.

If you're not careful, you'll tend to overspend impulsively later because you had to watch your cash flow earlier. Consider long- term results carefully.

Legal proceedings, contract negotiations and cooperative ventures offer new avenues of growth after the 23rd.

Determining what you want is the hard part.

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