Libra September 2018 Horoscope

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You may be returning to school this month or visiting relatives. Make important personal decisions before the 28th when Mercury retrogrades in your sign. Take a realistic look at a partnership. If someone around your home base needs the skills of a therapist, make a referral.
On the 10th, the Moon falls in your 12th house of inner searchings. Explore the benefits from meditation, prayer, affirmations, and yoga to get in touch with your inner faculties. From the 10th through the 25th, make contact with someone who is a shut-in with a phone call or note card.
Venus enters your social sector on the 7th and youH be inundated with invitations to parties, gala openings, and elegant dinners. The friendship you share with a Leo could blossom into romance before the end of the month. Look for passion to unfold around the 15th. A Gemini is a delightful travel companion and another Libra makes you more appreciative of the finer things in life. Merely communicating with an Aries around the 7th could result in a sexual interlude by the 28th.
You may have to travel a distance, but that’s where the bargains can be found. Visit garage sales, flea markets, and second hand shops near the 17th. Resist entering into a new partnership around the 28th. The other person may disappoint you and even though the intentions are honorable, outside events can interfere with your expectations.
On the 25th, the Moon falls in your 7th house of relationships. A dynamic, convincing individual could come into your life. This person’s influence is short-lived but full of impact. Shop around for expert advice the last 5 days in September.

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Libra September 2018 Horoscope
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