Libra September 2020 Horoscope

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Improvements in communication motivate increased interest, marking a good time to share your plans. Involving others is likely to require alterations in your goals, but they can work in your favor if you ‘re clear about your objectives.
Team sports and group fitness classes continue to be good choices for maintaining your motivation. Total health includes taking inventory of your attitudes and habits, too, and the Moon on September 9 marks a good time for self-analysis.
If your commitment to a relationship has changed, it’s probably because your feelings have also shifted. Gracefully relinquishing your attachments can be difficult, especially if you’d like to get even—but you’re likely to prefer more simple solutions. After all, there are other options that could fulfill your needs. Keep an open mind during the Moon on September 25. It brings illuminating possibilities.
Power struggles can arise if someone is trying to dominate what should be a cooperative situation, but your objective diplomacy can indeed rise to the occasion mid-month.
If you ignore undermining, you could get caught in a sticky trap — a distasteful circumstance, indeed! Negotiate and sign contracts after September 17, and deal with legal matters before the Moon on September 25, unless the other side is being resistant.
Precise details surrounding communications are necessary if you are to be pleased with agreements. You can direct the action by sending the right signals at the right time.

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