Libra Baby

Calm Libra baby will cause little trouble to parents, not making a roar over trifles. But this kid, as if from a diaper already establishes his own rules: he will only communicate with whom he wants, he will sleep at a certain time and only in that corner of the crib in which he likes. The food should be warm, the water in the tub is not hot, if the baby Libra does not want to sit in the stroller - no forces there can not hold it. He does not accept any arguments from his parents, and Libra is very difficult to switch to other activities, because they will pedantically defend their rights until they achieve their goal.

Libra baby sleeps, eats, walks, walks on the pot strictly according to the regime, and by this he makes life easier for parents, but this regime is established only by himself. Earlier than the crisis of three years, Libra will come a period when he will demand independence. As soon as he starts walking, the toddler lets go of the finger of an adult, and loudly protests if they try to control him. Adults should not prevent the baby Libra from making decisions on their own, because everyone knows that adult Libra in making important decisions can fluctuate very much.

The Libra child loves holidays, visits to public places, walks in places where there are a lot of people. He is not lost among other people, and can smile at everyone and even go to the handles to completely strangers. Toys that Libra loves — inflatable balls, big balls, a variety of wheelchairs, dudels, whistles. Logical toys interest him less, although if they are bright, he can play them. Libra baby is very fond of guests, and also — go to visit. He likes to dress up, comb his hair, maybe even learn a rhyme. At a party the kid behaves like a small adult - he tries not to inconvenience anyone, does not indulge, but only smiles at everyone.

As a rule, Libra begins to speak very early, they talk with pleasure to everyone, they like to listen when they read children’s books, and then learn themselves. Baby Libra is open for communication, he easily gets to know people and finds friends in the kindergarten, on the playground or at school. He never greedy, does not fight and does not take toys from other children, in a company of children, even small ones, Libra will always be a diplomat, trying to restore order and peace, to calm the raging and reconcile the quarreled, establishing justice. I must say, Libra has a great sense of justice, and will rebel everywhere against lies, pressure, bad attitudes toward oneself or others.

In the school Libra communication problems do not arise. Teaching material this child can easily absorb, but the boring environment makes him look for other activities — for example, read a book in class or shoot paper balls in classmates. Libra does not like to engage in uninteresting business, so parents should spend with such a child serious work to prepare him for school and studies. Parents should be very attentive to their little student, because even in situations where he needs help, Libra prefers to keep silent, fearing to cause concern to adults.

Libra Boys

Of all zodiac signs the Libra is probably the most obedient children. But although Libra from birth is destined to adjust, they can not forget about their own desires and needs, otherwise they will have to retreat all their lives, letting others go ahead. It is extremely important for Libra to learn to say "no."

Because Libra is a sign of air, and consequently, is more focused on one’s own thoughts than on anything else. Libra is not one of those children who like to mess around in the mud — they do not like getting dirty, besides, they think that there are far more interesting ways to spend time. Libra likes to visit companies, because they consider loneliness a very boring pastime — Libra prefer to share both time and pleasure. Of course, the charm and suppleness afford Libra popularity in the society.

As a child, Libra must be encouraged to make a choice. They suffer from indecisiveness and are often entrusted with the right to choose someone else, hiding behind the words: "I do not care". Libra has to be satisfied with the options that others choose, and also listen to their pros and cons. Parents should encourage Libra to declare their desires, regardless of what other people might think.

Libra Girls

Already in the cradle, the Libra girl flirts with those who attract her attention. Her smile is invariably charming, she knows how to please others and feels reciprocal love. Parents encourage her to play the role of "sweet little one", but if Libra does not understand that they do not have to always be nice and please, they will continue to suppress all negative emotions. Because later a girl who has got used to always be "good" will face the problem of anger or will not learn to achieve her.

The Libra girl is aware of her femininity from the first years of her life. Being a tomgirl is not in her style, but thanks to an inquisitive mind she is later able to compete with men. She radiates charm and begins to practice in the art of coquetry, circling around her father’s finger, before choosing as objects of admirers from the playground.

Becoming a teenager, the Libra girl firmly believes that the world is ruled by love, but she should be cautious and not confuse love with the need to deserve approval. In the early years, it is important for her to learn how to value herself and be independent in decisions, since Libra, who all life adjusts to others and compromises to be "loved" for complaisance, secretly despise themselves.

Advice for parents of the Libra-childs

In respect of Libra-children, moral and physical violence is not applicable, it is capable of turning a child into a neurotic. It is not necessary to punish them, where a quiet discussion of the problem works better, a demonstration of grief. They need, without going to scream, to explain the harm from these or those actions. Usually this is enough to prevent Libra from doing the same.

These children can suddenly change their mood. Parents should pay attention to the fact that the child goes to bed in a good mood. First, it protects his nervous system, and secondly, it makes it easier to cope with the difficulties in education.

The distinctive feature of Libra’s children is that they make decisions with great difficulty. Parents will do a great job if they are trained from their childhood to make choices. However, the task should not be difficult, there should not be more than two alternatives. Do not interfere with the desire of the child to actively communicate, because for the Libra is not entertainment, but a vital necessity.

Libra, although early, but with difficulty develop their own opinion, it is easier for them to be guided by the morality of the environment in which they are allowed to grow and live. Having even such a refined nature, Libra can be susceptible to the adverse influence of friends, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the child’s circle. Fortunately, Libra is quite open, they are happy to share their parents’ stories about friends.

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