Libra Boys

It has long been known that the Libra baby in infancy and early age, which is noted by most parents, pediatricians and psychologists, is almost ideal. That is why many future mothers and dads, who have read specialized literature, especially guess that the baby was born in late September or early October.

Libra Boy Personality

In the first days of life, the boy Libra will be struck by his calm, which some parents perceive as an excuse to go to the doctor. It’s amazing, but the child is calm, little screaming, does not cry without any special reason, does not cause trouble for parents, and there are no pathologies and diseases that caused such behavior of the baby. Boys Libra remain calm at the age of 1-2 years, when they are just beginning to get to know the surrounding world. Even fright and insignificant pain often do not become an excuse for screaming and crying.

In this case, the baby can become whimsical and whiny, but only parents can contribute to it. To keep the kid calm for a long time, he needs to pay a lot of attention. Libra children from an early age very much reaching out to communicate with loved ones. At the same time, they are also interested in getting to know new people, although at first they may not be trusted by them, capricious, for example, in the arms of aunt or grandmother.

Over time, trust in adults, especially closely familiar with the family, is increasing. At the same time, the child, up to adulthood, will be apprehensive about the strangers, although it will necessarily show them due respect, if they deserve it in his opinion. Astrologers and psychologists also note that the boys and girls of Libra have a certain craving for creativity. In particular, to painting and music.

That is why, in order to reassure the child, it is recommended to include calm and melodic music, under which it will be much easier to rock it. Music, by the way, you can and do not turn off during the entire sleep of the baby, since Libra from the early years will be very sensitive to respond to sounds. In this regard, psychologists recommend more talk with the boy Libra from the first days of his life — so he can quickly recognize the voice of mom and dad, which will give him comfort.

Libra Childhood

The child of Libra, as already noted, is the most calm. And this sign of the zodiac by many astrologers is considered the most calm and balanced. Together with this, the calmness of the baby often leads to the fact that the boy becomes indecisive from a small age. It is quite difficult for him to make even the simplest choice. For example, the boy Libra can hardly choose and think for a long time about what kind of ball he plays — football or basketball. It is much more difficult for a toddler to choose if his choice affects the interests of other people — his friends, peers and parents.

Psychologists recommend not to make a tragedy from the fact that a kid with a zodiac sign of Libra can not make a choice. Of course, in such situations, you should not shout at him and get angry. And for adults, the choice in this or that situation may seem obvious, but for the baby everything will be very difficult.

Due to the fact that boys with the zodiac sign Libra, extremely sociable, you need to prepare in advance for the fact that the baby will have many friends, both kindergarten and school. In your home for sure there will always be his peers playing on the console or watching TV. It is possible that before the senior classes inseparable friends and lessons will do together.

The Libra child in most cases respects not only the elders, but also his peers. And respect for the baby begins to develop independently, regardless of what education is imposed on the child by the parents. At the same time, Libra boys are very bad about scandals, screams, conflicts, abuse and all such negative, so they must be protected in every possible way from this. Frequent scandals in the family and unstable psychological conditions can lead to serious problems in the psycho-emotional development of a boy with a zodiac sign of Libra.

It is also necessary to closely monitor the collective that the child has fallen into in the kindergarten or school. It is very bad if he faces rudeness, humiliation or violence in a kindergarten or school. In this situation it is necessary to intervene. Otherwise, the boy will accumulate negative emotions in himself and gradually become isolated, as a result of which his self-confidence will be undermined. Astrologers also do not recommend punishing children with a zodiac sign Libra, depriving them of communicating with peers and planting for a long time under house arrest. This sign of the zodiac is the most needed for communication.

Libra Schoolboy

Libra zodiac sign represents a balance, calmness, but behind all this can be hidden danger. It is very important that parents pay much attention to the boy. From an early age it is recommended that they read fairy tales, sing lullabies, and recite poems. It is recommended that you regularly update your "repertoire" with something new and interesting, which will allow the baby to gradually develop.

Libra sign gives people not only peace, but also the desire to follow the rules. That is why these children can easily be taught to eat and sleep. In addition, the boys Libra, as a rule, well tolerate medical procedures of all kinds and have a high threshold of patience.

Boys who have this sign of the zodiac, will react positively to the appearance of a brother or sister in the family. A new member of the family is an additional companion, a partner for games and fun, so it is rare when children who represent this sign negatively perceive the appearance of a sister or brother. This is practically impossible.

Despite the fact that the boys Libra, like the girls, are mostly not in conflict, but in kindergartens and schools there are often scandalous situations involving them. Including fights. This is due to the fact that a child who has this sign of the zodiac is unlikely to tolerate the humiliation of the weak or violence against other children. Especially if everything happens before his eyes.

Libra Boys’s Youth

If we talk about health, the children of Libra are almost always marked by strong health. The exception is cases where there is a hereditary predisposition to any serious diseases. In this case, Libra babies often have certain problems with the bladder and kidneys, so the condition of these organs is strongly recommended being controlled until adulthood.

Because of their calmness and balance, Libra boys and girls can often accumulate negative emotions in themselves, which sometimes (already in adolescence) can lead to frequent stressful situations and depressive conditions.

Astrologers note that the most vulnerable parts of the body of Libra are the hip and waist region. Otherwise, people with this zodiac sign do not have a serious predisposition to the occurrence of any dangerous pathologies.

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