September 25 Birthday Personality

If your birthday is September 25, you are likely a person to be reckoned with. You don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind and often times, your words can cut like a knife. So consider this a fair warning for people who ask you for advice because they will deliver it straight out. In fact, some do come prepared and value your views. Others are afraid of your unpredictable tongue. To say the least, this Libra birthdate is complex and dynamic. However, it has been said that you can be narrow-minded, but motivated for success. You can be emotionally high strung and moody especially when the pressure is on you to be the responsible one for everything.

If today is your birth day, you expect a lot from yourself and from those you love. Staying focused, you can be a person of significance and integrity. The September 25th birthday personality are likely to pout when they don’t get their way. Depression has its way of settling in when you stay too long in isolation. This Libran will rather work it out by themselves than to bring someone else in on their problems. You can handle it… you are resourceful and imaginative.

September 25 Zodiac Sign - Libra Personality

The 25th September birthdate astrology predicts that you mainly keep to yourself and don’t require a lot of friendships. You don’t put a lot of emphasis on public display of affection although you are a loving person. You can be a romantic Libra. What your birth date says about you is that you rather show than tell. However, Libra, you can make some questionable decisions when it comes to love and relationships. You can sometimes get caught up in the heat of the moment while things are hot and heavy and not make good decisions.

The September 25 birthday meanings show that you have a need to be needed. But when a relationship doesn’t work out, you have to find closure to move forward. Rarely, do you find it easy to just forgive and to forget situation. Having an understanding of what went wrong gives you a sense of growth. This zodiac birthday people are dedicated to those they love and are committed to making a caring environment.

The 25 birthdate horoscope forecasts that you’re healthy. This is not because you sit on the couch and watch TV but you are actively involved in taking care of your health. You can be competitive and challenge your friends to a game of basketball or tennis. When you are not on the court, you are in the kitchen preparing a delicious and nutritious meal. You get your rest and take your supplements. All of this is because you love yourself.

Career options for a September 25 birthday personality are generally great. You look good and keep up grooming standards. You could be a model. You are likely to maintain your appearance because you more than likely will have a job that will require a certain look. You certainly have it and good instincts. When it comes to marriage, and having children, you consider your career as you want to provide security and peace of mind for them.

As a Libra born on September 25, you can be a loving and passionate person. You enjoy your family and friends, but you maintain very few close relationships. Typically, business minded, you make your dreams a reality and people that love you, respect your determination. Those born on this September 25 birthday can charm the pants off a tailor. You like to get your way and when you don’t you can brood about it. Nevertheless, you are a healthy individual who doesn’t have to do much to maintain your looks. A Libra such as yourself will look for ways to capitalize on your good luck and charm.

Friends & Lovers

September 25 individuals favor a small but select circle of friends. Although they aren’t given to confiding in others, they’re likely to display their feelings through nonverbal clues or actions. They are highly romantic and can be drawn into unwise relationships because the lure of excitement is too great to resist.

Children & Family

People born on this date have a need for emotional closure. This is not simply a forgive-and-forget proposition; they need to understand what went wrong. They are dedicated to giving their children a more nurturing home environment than they experienced.

Work & Finances

Because September 25 people present a good appearance, they often seek careers that allow them to "show off" their looks. They are more concerned with protecting their assets than trying to make more, yet they have good instincts for investments.

Health & Wellness

People born on this date are always trying to achieve balance in all areas, including health matters. They understand the value of exercise and enjoy competitive sports. September 25 individuals understand that meditation and relaxation are important to achieving balance.

Dreams & Goals

September 25 individuals are interested in exploring their nature. This can be difficult because they are sometimes afraid of their own intensity. Marriage, children, and career changes all help these complicated individuals define themselves.

Luck & Significance

September 25 Zodiac belongs to the first decan of LIBRA (September 24-October 3). This decan is influenced by the planet Venus. Those born under this influence combine the affectionate and understanding nature of Libra with the passion and sensuality of Venus. This decan is known to magnify all the positive and negative characteristics of the Libra zodiac sign.

Being born on the 25th day of the month means creativity coupled with hard work, tenderness and sensitivity coupled with a relatively inflexible nature. The numerology for September 25 is 7. This number reveals thoughtfulness, consciousness and high spiritual values. In association with number seven, Libra becomes reliable, trustworthy and shows great moral values.

September is the ninth month of the year, bringing the return to education and careers after the long summer. Those born in September are analytical and decisive. September 25 Zodiac people are orderly and modest. September has as representative symbols the Morning glory and Aster as plants and the Sapphire and Sardonyx as gemstones. The name of this month comes from the Latin “septem”.

Tips for Libra born on September 25

Learn to understand people. Criticizing, be objective and fair. Remember that the words can be very hurt man. Be more open about their feelings. Spend more time and attention to their near and dear people.

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