Dragon Libra

Intuitive, creative, and charming, those born under the sign of the Dragon Libra have a sense of nobility to them that they carry wherever they go. Like their animal namesake, they are home bodies who don’t look for confrontation but are also quick to defend themselves. Likeable, graceful, and lucky, they value comfort to a high degree and will often put it above all else.

Though they are often socially progressive, Dragon Libras can be very set in their ways. They usually are influenced by their parents and teachers at an early age and may stubbornly stick to ideas and philosophies that no longer serve them. Dragon Libras do not like change. They do not like to think that their perspective may be flawed and when confronted with the truth this normally strong and confident sign often sticks its head in the sand. Members of this sign justify basing their actions on their emotions because they feel very certain that they are fair people, and therefore their perspective must also be fair.

With the Chinese Zodiac sign of Dragon influencing the subconscious, it is not at all unusual for Dragon Libras to feel entitled to a higher degree of respect and authority than everyone else. Even though this contradicts Libra’s sense of justice, they have little trouble adjusting their concept of fairness to their own benefit. Then, when things do shake out evenly they feel a bit jilted because they felt that they deserved more than what they received.

Dragon Libras understand that there is a social system and play their role in that system well. They are often the strong-willed co-stars to more dominant personalities, relying on their likeability, kindness, and natural magnetism to draw others to them. Dragon Libras are polarizing individuals who make both friends and enemies easily. Yet, they make a family wherever they go. Good friends feel both protective over them and protected by them. Good friends are often closer than blood relatives. Much bad behavior is forgiven for these people and in return this extended “family” doesn’t ask too much of Dragon Libras, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult or uncomfortable relationships.

Dragon Libra Traits

There are no more narcissist ones than you are; but it’s a good kind of narcissism which one could find lovable and charming. You also have a great need to please and charm, with a strong penchant for conquest. Your main flaw is your too great self-indulgence, your tendency to self-satisfaction. If you don’t succeed in fighting it, it may prove to be a serious obstacle to the good development of your personality. On the other hand, you’ve pride and courage. But when you fear being badly judged or appreciated, you won’t hesitate to resort to cowardice and compromising.

This Libra/Dragon combination is extremely favorable to the blooming of artistic gifts. You’ve a profound esthetic sense and don’t do anything which could harm beauty. You’re very much gifted for music, dance, writing, artistic criticism, material exploitation of beauty, and can make a fortune in such branches. You easily attract helps and supports.

You couldn’t live without being loved and surrounded. Your amorous successes can be numerous. Prestige plays an important role in your attachments — you’re interested only in those of whom you can be proud for one reason or another. Furthermore, you need a scene of beauty and refinement so as to live your sentimental or conjugal life satisfactorily.

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