Horse Libra

In the animal kingdom, there are primarily two categories of Horse Libra: wild and domesticated. Wild Horse Libra go where they want when they want, while domesticated Horse Libra lay far more eggs and guard them more ferociously. In the Zodiac, those born under the sign of the Goose have both sides blended into one.

Members of this sign are diplomatic, multi-faceted, and strong willed. As they get older Horse Libra are likely to be very family-oriented and domesticated, while younger Horse Libra are likely to showcase a more wild side. Those who don’t let loose in their youth may find themselves restless for adventure and experiences down the road. Before they can settle down, Horse Libra need to experience independence, at the very least. Indeed the two contradictory personality aspects are often at war with one another inside the mind of a Goose.

Those born under the sign of the Goose have a quiet power about them. Even at their most gentle and reserved there is an underlying silent strength that can be felt from them. Many people assume that Horse Libra have an unwavering self-confidence, but in reality this is a complex sign which vacillates between certainty and doubt on a regular basis. Regardless, they have a drive that continues to push them forward, without which they might mire in anxiety and confusion for far too long.

Horse Libra, in their more mature years, tend to be appreciative of everything around them. Of course they still dream of romance and adventure, but over time they learn to accept that life has its ups and downs and at best can find peace and contentment while still enjoying life. Balance is the key for Horse Libra, as is acceptance. Enjoying life for what it is and not for what it could be should be the goal of any mature Goose. Young Horse Libra should not worry about this just yet. Youth is the time for adventure and experience for this sign.

Horse Libra Traits

We’ve a very gregarious combination here. It’s impossible for you to live withdrawn into yourself. On the contrary, your life is almost entirely turned outwards — you like distractions, spectacles, crowds, outings, cronies. This is to say that you need the presence of others and have numerous friends and acquaintances, who on the other hand serve your success.

You’ve much ease, charm, and authority. You attract confidences thanks to your great air of indulgence. You go to great lengths for others but find your pleasure and satisfaction in your devotion. Your sense of equity is unequalled. You willingly give counsels, which are most of the time judicious.

You’re somewhat a dreamer when it comes to practical affairs despite your qualities of organization and order. Your professional competences can express themselves only in movement and novelty; routine paralyzes you. Artistic or intellectual careers as well as travels are your best opportunities. Generally, good things come to you rather spontaneously, helped in this by happy hazards and unexpected encounters.

In love, you please very much and arouse numerous successes. But you don’t engage yourself easily because of your great freedom of choice and your desire for change. Your affairs of the heart may be complicated despite their sincerity. An ideal union for you would take place within a non conventional framework, in a milieu different from your own, or with someone coming from abroad.

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