Monkey Libra

Clever, curious, and friendly, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Monkey Libra are constantly contending between two distinct sides of their personality. With the western sign of Libra, each individual gains diplomacy, idealism, and a desire to keep the peace. The eastern sign of Monkey adds curiosity, innovation, and humor. Both signs are socially adept, intellectual, and observant, giving this sign many of the tools one requires to achieve all kinds of different goals in life.

These two signs don’t always fit perfectly together, though. In combination this sign can be extremely self centered, egotistical, and lazy. Many Monkey Libras will rely on charm, magnetism, and physical attractiveness to shortcut their way through life. These tactics work surprisingly well as children but not quite so well as adults. Like most born during the Year of the Monkey, Monkey Libras start life with an advantage which may become a hindrance to their growth.

In the animal kingdom, the Monkey Libra is really a breed of salamander who, for some reason, never grows past its infantile form. While there are many dangers in this stunted growth, this animal has found a way to thrive and grow despite what some would consider a handicap. Like their animal namesakes, those born under the sign of the Monkey Libra are cute, funny, and endearing in addition to being delicate and defenseless. They survive because they are charming and delightful and people want to sit and watch them, care for them, and make sure they are safe.

Obviously, humans born under the sign of Monkey Libra are probably not going to be physically stunted like their animal namesake, but they are in danger of lacking growth by relying solely on their likeability to see them through. Those who succeed with charm early will learn that this is the way to survive and even thrive in the world, and the always clever Monkey will side with the people-pleasing Libra to find a comfortable way to be taken care of in life.

To live this way gets much harder as adulthood approaches and charm becomes less and less valuable an asset. The key to freeing one’s self of this fate is to let the natural instincts of Libra take control for a while. This means focusing on other people instead of the self and finding ways to contribute to the greater good. Monkey Libras must learn to use their vast skill sets (rusty though they may be) to stand on their own. Only then will they stop being stuck in selfishness and immaturity.

Monkey Libra Traits

One could never get bored or morose in your company. Indeed, your joy of living, your curious mind as well as your fighting optimism are very contagious. You’ve good charm and personality. You can make friends almost everywhere, all the more so since you’re attracted by foreign countries and travels. You’re very tolerant, very indulgent, very open, hating dogmatism and sectarianism. Your mind is inventive, receptive to all new ideas. You possess a great ability to convince. One never appeals to your intelligence vainly.

Your professional and material success is due more to chance and providential supports than to effort and ambition. Indeed, you can abandon a little too easily because you don’t like fighting and violence. But your life is always well protected. You can make a fortune by conciliating esthetic sense and scientific research, or by pursuing a judicial career.

Your affairs of the heart always take place under the sign of romanticism and anticonformism. Very much refined and delicate in the expression of your feelings, you instinctively shirk the least vulgarity. Your partner must be a very open and conciliatory person, and he/she must avoid jealousy as he/she does bubonic plague.

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