Rabbit Libra

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit Libra are sweet, sensitive, caring, and generous. They have a deep affection for friends and family that almost matches their deep affection for nice things! Rabbit Libra enjoy having nice homes, clothes, cars, and other luxuries. They have great taste in art and fashion and don’t like to leave home without looking good. This is an exceptionally easy-going sign whose struggles in life are almost entirely internal. Just as they care about their physical appearance, Rabbit Libra are careful about what impression they give off socially.

Rabbit Libra do not engage in conflict of any kind. They are quick to walk away from uncomfortable situations and while they are exceptionally sympathetic listeners, they cannot deal with true suffering or misery. Tense or upsetting events will push a Rabbit Libra away quicker than anything else. Though they might not understand why, members of this sign gravitate toward peace and serenity in all situations.

In the animal kingdom, the Rabbit Libra begins as a caterpillar and transforms dramatically later in life, moving directly from crawling to flying. It’s no surprise that humans often use the life of a Rabbit Libra as a metaphor for growth and life transformation. In the Zodiac those born under the sign of the Rabbit Libra are already in the latter part of their spiritual growth. If our souls live many lifetimes over, then they only return as a Rabbit Libra when much of their spiritual development has already taken place. For this reason members of this sign are often considered “old souls” who appear to have an understanding of life that is much deeper than their age would suggest.

Rabbit Libra weigh every situation out carefully. They won’t make a move until they have measured all the possibilities. At the same time, this is a sign that longs for excitement and adventure. Rabbit Libra constantly fluctuate between longing for a life of simple comforts and a life of unexpected mystery and passion. Despite seeming care-free members of this sign often secretly wish that life was more like the movies, which is part of the reason that they are suckers for an epic adventure or love story.

Rabbit Libra Traits

Qualities which are at first contradictory ally harmoniously to make of you a first-rate personality. Your efficacy and know-how are at the service of your extremely sensitive, esthetic, and refined temperament. You’ve a constant concern of doing service to others, but without forgetting your own interests. Fond of order and good manners, you may sometimes appear a little too maniacal or snobbish. In any case, one can never accuse you of negligence in your comportment as well as in your appearance.

You generally benefit from facilities in your material life, not counting your cleverness, ease, and practical sense. But you lack ambition, most often satisfying yourself with a mediocre situation, but on condition that it’s in a sympathetic ambience. Your gifts for persuasion are highly developed. You can succeed well in the domain of commerce, speech, or writing.

You’re very sentimental and can easily fall into the traps of love. Rather shy in the expression of your sentiments, you don’t ever surrender yourself entirely. Your fears and hesitations render your amorous life somewhat unstable and inconsistent. You prefer a peaceful and eventless conjugal life to tumultuous passions. You admirably take care of your beloved ones.

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