Rat Libra

Charming, friendly, and intelligent, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rat Libra are idealists at their core. They have read all of the most romantic books and seen all of the most adventurous movies and want nothing more than for life to be as exciting and wonderful as it can possibly be. They appreciate luxury and elegance and are among the top tastemakers you can find. For Rat Libras, life is always about the big picture and the big dream. They don’t necessarily enjoy scraping by, but they will do it if it leads to the potential for big opportunities.

In the animal kingdom Rat Libras have something of a negative connotation to them. Most people see the Rat Libra as a lazy creature circling around something else’s kill so they can go feed on the scraps. This perception is a bit unfair. These birds are often, in fact, circling in order to climb air thermals to greater heights. And while they are opportunists, Rat Libras are also brilliant strategists - knowing when to take advantage of a situation and when they are outmatched by another predator. More than anything, they are survivors, ready to do what it takes to get what they need from life.

Those born under the sign of the Rat Libra are very much the same. They use their excellent instincts to position themselves in the right place at the right time and then use a combination of charisma and intelligence to get others to give them what they want. Not that they couldn’t get what they want on their own, but to be honest members of this sign don’t like to work too hard when they don’t have to. They would prefer to charm and befriend their way into a good position diplomatically than grind away like a commoner.

At the heart of all their actions is the desire to have others like and approve of them, though they would never admit it. They work hard to portray an easy-going personality even though they are often internally tense and have trouble relaxing or quieting their minds. Rat Libras know that they can get farther in life with a smile and a carefree attitude and that giving up the front means giving up the potential for money, power, status, and general improvement of their lives.

This is the good and the bad truth about Rat Libras - they are endlessly ambitious and want to live the perfect life. They not only have big dreams, but big expectations from life. Most of the time, though, their lives (and the people in them) don’t live up to their expectations. At some point in their lives it is important for members of this sign to accept life’s ups and downs and learn to appreciate the little things in life. If they don’t they risk becoming jaded, stressed out, and unsatisfied. Rat Libras already care more about appearances than most people, and an unbalanced attitude toward life can lead to greed, vanity, and ultimately a lot of failed relationships.

Rat Libra Traits

For you, life is a delicious adventure and not a painful ordeal. Thus you’re always happy to live, and your joy is so contagious that one cannot but share it when one finds oneself near you. Your gaiety and youth of mind never falter.

You possess much charm, gentleness, and tenderness, which attract sympathies and successes to you. You’ve a constant need of human contacts and exchanges of ideas. More emotive than active, you’re little persevering and succumb easily to temptations. However, one is always ready to forgive you everything.

You effortlessly succeed in almost everything, but you immediately lose interest in what begins to bore you, whence certain instability in your professional life. You need to move, to see new faces, and could not adjust yourself to exacting routine. You’ve immense artistic gifts. Chance generally comes to you through others, through the attachments which you’ve aroused.

As you please effortlessly, your faithfulness and sentimental stability are uncertain. But there exists no trace of malice in your amorous comportment. You’re incapable of remaining without ties a long time. Liaisons or unions take on great importance in the evolution of your destiny.

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