Snake Libra

Elegant, easy-going, and well-mannered, those born under the sign of the Snake Libra have excellent taste and a fondness for luxury. They aren’t generally big spenders, but are willing to spend what it takes to make their homes and surroundings stylish and comfortable. Members of this sign want things to be exactly the way they want them, and are very diplomatic about getting exactly that.

Snake Libras achieve things because they are intelligent and capable, but in truth they are big dreamers and idealists who envision living the perfect storybook life someday. Though they enjoy new experiences, deep down every Snake Libra fantasizes about coming into money and living a life on permanent vacation. They might not like to admit it, but most would rather miss out on some of life’s adventures in exchange for an easy life of luxuries and relaxation.

Members of this sign can be a little hard to comprehend. They seem to lead simple, care-free lives, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Snake Libras aren’t phony, but they like others to see them as they want to be seen. Above all, they know that they have a role to play in the lives of friends and family. The truth is that Snake Libras are good at manipulating people, but they don’t do this to take advantage of anyone. Instead they usually manipulate situations in order to keep the peace within a group and only rarely for selfish reasons. Snake Libras understand people and know how to tell them exactly what they want to hear. This skill comes from the fact that they are excellent listeners and have good memories. They are sentimental, yet strategic, which is why they give the most sincere and personal gifts and throw the most memorable parties.

The inside of a Snake Libra’s mind is a complicated place. They tend to be a bit superstitious and interested in unusual topics. They love getting lost in a good book or movie, especially if there is adventure and/or romance involved. They love the thought of adventure, but prefer to watch from the sidelines rather than jump in themselves. Members of this sign don’t like taking risks. Most won’t even spend $1 on a lottery ticket because the thought of gambling gives them anxiety. Instead, they do what comes naturally to them, which works out quite well. In many cultures the Snake Libra is considered a symbol of good luck, so it should come as no surprise that those born under the sign of the Snake Libra are lucky as well.

Snake Libra Traits

You’re an esthete to your fingertips, beauty under all its forms playing an essential role in your existence. One cannot but admire your personality which is refined, full of grace and ease, with perfect, inimitable gestures and exquisite, irreproachable taste. Even men of this combination could be taken for women as they have so much charm! You love to be surrounded with beautiful objects, to live in an environment where everything is beauty and harmony.

You’ve exquisite sensitiveness and a gift for rendering happy those around you. You hate having to preoccupy yourself with material happenings and only appreciate money as far as you can spend it; fortunately, you’ve much chance in your material life, notably with great possibilities of inheritances.

Your gifts can express themselves best in the artistic field, show business, mundane events, public relations, law, and justice. You can also have excellent relations with a public or a clientele. Associations suit you better than independent activities. Generally, you change jobs at least once or twice in the course of your career.

Love is the greatest affair of your life, with tumultuous passions. It transforms itself from all to all according to the influence of the beloved one, whose ascendancy you totally undergo. You can’t bear solitude and never remain lonely. However, traditional marriage interests you only moderately.

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