Tiger Libra

Emotional, intense, and idealistic, those born under the sign of the Tiger Libra are anything but predictable. Initially coming across as mild-mannered, most people will quickly notice that there is more to this sign than meets the eye. Though they romanticize about being seen as the strong, stoic friend to others, in real life they are much more transparent than they think. Tiger Libras wear their emotions on their sleeves. They hold strongly romantic ideas about life and the people in it. They fantasize about a future in which every day is like a wonderful dream that you never wake up from. When they open their eyes and see that the world isn’t perfect and they are not yet the hero, disappointment sets in.

In the animal kingdom, the Tiger Libra is famous for having a wild streak that can show itself at the slightest hint of confrontation. Likewise, those born under the sign of the Tiger Libra are the most emotional when reacting, rather than when acting. On their own they may be peaceful, friendly, and sincere, but the moment someone challenges them on any level their blood begins to boil. They may want nothing more than a peaceful conversation, but they can’t stand not defending their opinions when someone expresses an opinion other than their own.

Tiger Libras can also become obsessive. They have artistic, creative minds and it is mostly likely going to be some kind of artistic or charitable venture that they will find worthy of prolonged attention. Tiger Libras often channel their energy, passion, and even fears into an art form. The most common of which are music, graphic arts, and writing. They do best if they find a partner, group, or mentor to help keep their energy focused.

Staying focused on a productive venture is important for this sign to maintain balance, and maintaining balance is by far the biggest challenge for this sign. Few others need a sense of balance as strongly as this sign. Tiger Libras have a lot of energy that needs to be released. Regular exercise is highly recommended for Tiger Libras. Without this, pent up energy turns into pent up emotions, which can turn those born under this sign from calm to frenzied at any moment.

With so many live-wire characteristics, it’s important for members of this sign to focus on the good things happening around them. For a Tiger Libra, emotional momentum goes a long way. Focusing their formidable energy towards positive things prevents that same energy from turning into moodiness, restlessness, or indecisiveness - all of which are common to this sign.

Tiger Libras almost always good intentions, and may even be very passionate about something. They are always willing to take on a challenge, but often become overwhelmed, bored or disinterested after the project has started. Members of this sign rarely plan ahead, so they have to rely on their energy to carry them through. Unfortunately many give up at the obstacle in their path, preferring to start a new project rather than try to fix the old one.

Tiger Libra Traits

You’re magnanimity and generosity personified — you don’t calculate and don’t know meanness. When you give yourself or when you love, it’s without reserve. Concerned about pleasing and not bearing to be rejected, you entertain very good relations with others, even going to self-sacrifice if necessary.

You’ve a very romantic temperament, which sometimes borders on insipid charm. For your interest, you must struggle against your cowardliness and your incapacity to say "no". Your sympathies as well as your antipathies are often without any light and shade; they take on great force in your destiny and can modify its course.

Generally, you depend on others for your good or bad fortune. It’s above all union or marriage that brings or stimulates your material stability. Your extravagant tendency is the cause of continual financial ups and downs. You’ve very great artistic gifts and rich creativity. Time is your most precious ally.

Love acts as a motor for you. Thanks to it, you can move heaven and earth and achieve feats. Your love affairs are never tranquil — they are ordinarily fraught with storms and reconciliations, desires of freedom and oaths of fidelity. In order to reach sentimental happiness, you should in the first place find good interior balance.

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