Libra Second Decan

Second decan Libra born between October 4 and October 13. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planets are both Saturn and Uranus. The nature of this person is strong but cannot be predicted. They have the ability and intelligence to take on the world. They are also generous, thoughtful and serious. They tend to keep their own interests in the back-seat, while being compassionate to others. They are very patient, tolerant and non-judgmental.

They make good friends. These persons rarely share their burdens or worries with others. That sometimes makes them depressed. They take everything seriously and are very responsible. The second Decan Libra personality is characterized by altruism, thoughtfulness and seriousness. They are the epitome of self sacrifice and willingly put others before themselves. They care and consideration to others comes naturally. They get a great kick out of helping others are thoughtful in all their relationships.

They are extremely patient, tolerant which makes them the perfect friend for others. Although they have a good sense of humor but take life very seriously. They are realistically aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and take a responsible attitude to all that they do and say.

Libra Second Decan - Emotional Man of Saturn

Saturn, subjectively speaking, provides obstacles making choice between the polar opposites necessary and inevitable. The golden Mercurial coloring of the Libran personality is now enhanced with the superimposition of the cool emerald green of Saturn.

This indicates that the unconsciously emotionally polarized Libran must ultimately learn to climb freely, choose and become self-directed in conduct and in attitude. Initially this urge to develop a sense of self-direction will lead through all of the fields of lower selfish desire. After due reflection and the balancing of the various inclinations and possibilities, they do what seems fit; but it is predominantly selfish desires which are the deciding factor and tip the balance. The weight of desire turns the soul downwards towards physical pleasures, material acquisitions and selfish ends.

The nature of the battleground on the emotional plane is not yet practically understood, but under Saturn there is the hard work of building the emotional body and fulfilling selfish desires, all the while attempting to preserve some semblance of balance, temperance, moderation, control and equilibrium. However in the interim period of emotional growth the Libran is famous for prevaricating and hedging most annoyingly when a simple straightforward path is actually what is required.

Under the auspices of Saturn the creative and adaptive intelligence is embryonically gestated which will one day eventually enable the man or woman under this sign to work intelligently with other people. In the interim period however, psychological disorder and chaos mark the second step, as the unevolved emotional type in Libra is manipulative, absentminded, vague, uncouth, distasteful, undefined, devious, deceitful and untruthful.

Their lives are examples of disorientation, self-doubt, futility and lack of accomplishment. Demonstrating an amoral materialism, they exhibit wasted motion—they seem to be always busy or in a constant rush, they lack patience and appear distracted or preoccupied. Generally they are careless, inaccurate, restless, scattered and "spread themselves too thinly". They have a "happy-go-lucky" attitude, disinclined to worry. They are almost totally lacking in the ability to discern, judge and evaluate with any sense of real integrity.

In the early stages the lower aspect of Saturn produces the host of Libran dilettantes who do not possess any real understanding of subjective artistic values and lack aesthetic sensitivity, but who nevertheless critique, parade around and masquerade as if they do. At this stage of evolution they have a bubbly social effervescence, but like foam or froth they sit lightly on the surface without any real depth.

While feeling free to impose upon other people, the Libran does not like to be imposed upon and will resist with a display of authority. They are exceedingly impatient of any restraint. The Saturnian type lacks flexibility and seeks to imprint or stamp their convictions with a stern psychic mold upon other people—their children, marriage partner, family relations or associates. Saturn stimulates the urge for control and power over others.

This decan therefore, produces the ignorant tyrant in home or business who is ever ready to keep everyone in a "nursery regime". They punish infringement, drastically penalize, restrain and restrict the freedom of others. They are psychologically coercive, manipulative, uncongenial, abusive, unscrupulous, opportunistic, untrusting, apathetic, cold, indifferent, intractable and recalcitrant.

Librans suffer from loneliness but are incapable of appreciating why they lack friends and admirers. Their tendency to apathy often degenerates into indolence and so they must work with industry to establish the emotional stability to persevere steadily through a task. Inwardly they suffer greatly and take pains to forward their plans. Not trusting the inherent goodness of other people, they are ready to turn all circumstance and relations to their own ends. They are infamous for expressing a high degree of self-interest, accordingly distorting the true design inherent in the unfolding pattern of their personal relationships.

Saturn brings to an end unguided, unplanned and undirected activity and the circumvention of natural laws. The antidote for the misguided enthusiast is restraint and a redirecting of activity. Ritual, ceremony or even militarism are helpful at the stage of emotional growth because as they develop a sense of life’s rhythm and timing, the power to create, order, plan and organize unfolds. These qualities enable the evolving soul to renovate, transform, build, adequately manifest and work effectively on the physical plane.

Mature Librans have developed and unfolded great emotional reserve and patience. Life is for them, far more subdued, quiet and serene. Disturbance or any form of discord or disagreement is displeasing, so they learn to develop a real finesse in handling difficult emotional matters. So much of their general health is contingent on other people that emotional dependency is indicated. Librans love being noticed and appreciated. Although they develop elegance, charm, pleasing manners, high standards and social aptitude in later life, the emotional disposition is bound to rigid routine, subservient to habit, over-worked, over-concerned with rules and regulations, crystallized, rigid and intolerant of the individuality or originality of others.

Initially Saturn does not produce a bold, enterprising or venturesome type, but rather one who is conventional and entrapped in the past. Unevolved emotional types are so perplexed and confused that they are afraid to move forward without retracing their steps. Conservatism marks this temperament along with superficial emotional and social values. Unevolved Librans insist on excessive conformity, leaning heavily on rank, status, respect and privilege. They are highly sensitive to the status, actions and mannerisms of others, and perceptive of etiquette, dress code and so on. As a rule they are bigoted, sectarian and intolerant of anything new. It would be anathema to them to lose their social status due to false ambition or failure to satisfy their many commitments.

Although a Saturnian facility for fluid evasion makes it easy for them to hide the truth, in the final analysis they cannot escape, avoid or evade their task and eventually are forced to develop real sensitivity through difficult material circumstances and personal relations involving great pain, suffering and hardship. Saturn grants the incarnated soul the power to define, shape, mold, form, clarify and express. A highly developed ability to distinctively render, shape and mold desires is a Libran trademark, as they are ever searching for the ideal form. Definition is indispensable at the emotional stage when they must begin to emerge from the forest of confusion and error.

At the apex of emotional development the Libran begins to stop mistaking one thing for another, overcomes the tendency to indecisiveness and no longer blindly struggles in a dark, confused, bewildering and inchoate world. Thus they acquire an emotional agility, tact, flexibility, fluidity and versatility, culminating when fully developed, in real social propriety, suave approach and diplomatic virtuosity. Enjoying companionship, popularity, good reputation and social acceptance, emotionally mature Librans have evolved an innate ability to understand the emotions of others. They have developed reliability and seek enduring, long-lasting harmonious bonding and relationship.

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