Libra Third Decan

Third decan Libra born between October 14 and October 23. If a person is born between these days, their ruling planet is Mercury. They have great communication and writing skills. They possess great reserves of energy, and usually they are their own bosses. They often achieve a lot. They are analytical by nature, and are loyal and sociable. They have a great thirst for knowledge, and love to communicate their thoughts to others, and are comfortable working with a large number of people.

The third Decan Libra personality is characterized by an analytic nature, loyalty and sociability. They have an acute, active and analytical mind. Their thirst for knowledge and understanding is unquenchable. They are driven to find the true meanings behind many and varied areas of interest and are happiest working with many people rather than in solitary positions.

They love to communicate thoughts to others and enjoy social interaction. They have many friends who admire them. They are both logical and intuitive and combine both what their head and heart tells them in your decision making. They are extremely loyal and devoted to loved ones. When they commit they are faithful and loyal and expect the same in return.

Libra Third Decan - Mental Man of Mercury

Astrologically speaking, Mercury is about communication, creativity, logic and mental energy. This loquacious and intelligent planet defines how we gather facts and information, how we think, and how we express our thoughts to others. Hence, under this influence, you are naturally bestowed with great communicative abilities plus a razor sharp mind that can grasp solutions to complex problems very quickly.

You are a gifted speaker that is not only proficient in the language of persuasion, but also extremely diplomatic in your delivery of your opinions. Even if you have “Stop harassing me, you fat slob!” in your head, you will say it in an ultra polite manner without causing offense or hurt.

In fact, my friend, you are such a genius with words that people would believe anything the imaginative and playful side of you can dream up – and you are not afraid to use this amazing gift to get what you want, be it charming the pants off your object of lust, or flattering your way out of trouble or up the corporate ladder, though career is not a number one priority in your life.

Your intuition is powerful and you are observant, which means you instinctively know whether someone is fidgeting and feeling nervous because they are not telling the truth, or they think you are the most gorgeous creature on planet Earth. Those in your inner circle appreciate that you won’t get on their nerves by asking tons of questions when they just want to be left alone to brood in a corner; you are sensitive enough to read other people’s emotions and analytical enough to recognize issues.

Being a very social and outgoing person, interacting with different people is one of your favorite things to do. You are comfortable talking to strangers and can elicit laughter from the shyest of the shy, thanks to your witty sense of humor along with exaggerated gesture and expression.

You enjoy useful conversations, particularly with prodigious thinkers like you who dare to ask challenging questions, and are always hungry for new knowledge and experiences. You also love chatting about who’s doing what in your network, and because you believe that news of the jaw-dropping, eye-popping variety should be shared, chances are, you won’t hesitate to whisper “Psst, have you heard?” into excitable ears.

And if you hear of an opportunity to unleash chaos in your most-hated enemy’s world, you would grab it with both hands. Although Libra-born individuals don’t have a bad reputation of being vindictive, cruel, or destructive, you could morph into a cold-hearted, vengeful and manipulative monster when you have been deeply hurt. You are forgetful, but can remember bad memories and sad events that happened a long time ago like yesterday.

Having said that, you are super duper nice to folks that have demonstrated their worth to be on the receiving end of your loyalty, kindness and generosity. You are willing to risk limb and life for the one you love, and loves you dearly.

You dislike rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty, which is why some people label you as a lazybum or an excuse-giver; or perhaps, a serial procrastinator because of your tendency to keep putting things off until later.

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