Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

The month of January creeps along at first, but then it goes into turbo mode. There’s a full moon in Cancer on January 6, and Libra, career opportunities abound because you’re much more visible to prospective employers and hiring managers. This is a great time to update your profile on professional websites and start sending out your resume.

On the twelfth, Mars turns direct in the sign of Gemini, and there might be an international business deal ready to be closed. It’s possible you’re getting samples from a manufacturer outside the country, or perhaps you’re looking to export your products or services.

Mercury turns direct in Capricorn on January 18, and there could be a possible money source related to your home or real estate in general. This is a good time to pool money with family members to consider an investment.

There’s a new moon in Aquarius on the twenty-first, and Libra, you might be interested in taking a risk. You could discuss with a friend a different type of investment, possibly one that is leveraged or time sensitive. Before you move forward, you’ll need to do considerable due diligence or find one better suited for conservative investing.

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