Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

This month, what you pay attention to expands. A lunar eclipse on May 15 highlights your house of money. To put yourself on the road to financial freedom, the universe is suggesting that you pay more attention to your money. This means reviewing the work done by your accountants. You might make it a habit to look at your accounts daily or go over weekly summaries. As you get more involved, Libra, you can find ways to bring in more money and save on expenses.

On the nineteenth, the sun in your house of loans and funding trines Pluto in your house of familial connections. As you get ready to launch a round of funding for your business venture, you might find that your family is a good resource. It’s possible they have lots of advice for you as well as some cash they’re willing to contribute.

The new moon is on May 30, and a legal matter or agreement could go in your favor over the next two weeks. You have more luck now obtaining a professional license, taking an exam, or pulling together the paperwork to meet the requirements of a government agency.

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