Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

This month has Mercury moving forward in Virgo on October 2, and Libra, now you’ll find you have more energy. Things are starting to flow. When you make a phone call, there’s actually someone on the other end to answer it. In fact, you might get a flood of business communications now.

On the ninth, there’s a full moon in Aries, and Libra, you might be approached with a business idea. This person is looking for a partner or investor. It’s likely that they want more than advice. They might be looking for a commitment.

There’s a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, and you might want to revamp your spending. Look at what you can eliminate, especially subscriptions you’re not using and streaming services that are really just distractions. By putting your finances in order now, you’ll be able to save money and pay down debt much more quickly than you thought possible.

Retrograde Jupiter enters Pisces on the twenty-seventh. You might be working extra hours over the next six weeks. You will be quite busy either at your current job or a second job that you do on the weekends, and this is putting more money in your pocket.

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