Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

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With romantic Venus, your ruling planet, paired with red-hot Leo at the beginning of the month, your love life sizzles. You feel great and look even better, which is probably why you get stares everywhere you go. When you meet a new lover’s gaze for the first time, the electricity is off the charts.

Knowledgeable asteroid Vesta exits earthy Virgo and enters your air sign on July 19, opening your mind and allowing you to learn new things from new people. You crave balance in your love life, so an exchange of ideas is always welcome. You’re fair but not naïve.

Offbeat Water Bearer Aquarius hosts the full moon on the twenty-third, illuminating your love life with strangeness and curiosity. You aren’t on a traditional path now, and you want to be around people who are willing to explore alternative relationship concepts. Other easygoing air signs have what it takes to match your weirdness under this lunation!

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