Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

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Romantic Venus, your ruler, is under the influence of beauty-loving Taurus, the other sign she rules, at the beginning of the month, so you might be smitten with someone who looks really good on the outside. Deep down, you know that there’s more to someone than their appearance, but your urges have their own opinions!

Venus leaves Taurus to partner with air sign Gemini on May 8, leading to an increase in your curiosity about someone new. You’re seeking someone who is intelligent and can hold a good conversation, so personality counts for a lot now too!

A trying Venus-Neptune square on May 27 ends the month with some tension having to do with confusion and indecision. If you have a feeling about someone, follow your intuition, Libra. Your subconscious works overtime to steer you away from someone who is bad for you, but you might try to shake off those initial warning signs.

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