Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

Your love life is full of drama and intrigue during the Venus-Leo partnership that begins on June 5. Don’t miss an opportunity to show why you’re one of the most sought-after dates out there. Posting your romantic antics and sex appeal on social media will make other people jealous—as they should be!

A strong Venus-Jupiter square shows up on the eleventh, leading you to wonder if maybe you have a little too much of a good thing going. It’s great that you are in the beginning stages of love or lust with someone and want to spend every waking hour with them, Libra, but when your other responsibilities suffer, it might be time to dial things back a bit.

A Neptune (traveling through procrastinator Pisces) retrograde cycle starts on June 30, ushering in a period of reflective thought and very real reckoning. The sooner you see things for what they really are the better. It might be difficult when you first take off your rose-colored glasses, but you’ll get used to life without a filter eventually.

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