Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

Love seems like it’s getting further and further away during the difficult Venus-Jupiter opposition on October 1, so we can’t blame you for feeling down. However, the Universe is always moving and shifting, so look for things to improve later in the month.

Like when Mercury ends its dreaded retrograde cycle on the second, for example. You can feel things start to go in forward motion, and with that renewed progress comes hope for your romantic future. And efficient, effective Virgo is controlling Mercury’s vibe now, Libra, so there will be very few mixed signals when you try to get things moving in a positive direction again.

There’s also a new moon and solar eclipse on October 25 to look forward to. With this intensely driven Scorpio lunation lighting up your second house of money and material possessions, you might soon attract someone with substantial financial means. Not that that’s the most important thing to you in a potential partner, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

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