Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

It’s a new year, Libra, so how about a new attitude to match? Your love life is lifted up on January 2 by romantic Venus drifting out of heavy Capricorn and into kindred air sign Aquarius and your zone of romance, bringing attention to the superficial for the next month or so. Which is okay. It’s kind of nice to just have fun for a change.

You’re feeling generous and happy during the Venus-Jupiter sextile on the fourth, so don’t hesitate to express yourself however you want. It’s also fun to broaden your perspective during this expansive aspect, so eat new foods, watch foreign movies, or plan a trip to an exotic country. Romance is waiting for you as you expand your horizons.

Original, outspoken Aquarius starts influencing the sun on January 20, so you can expect the next month to be full of debates and possibly rebellious behavior. You don’t always have to agree with a date about everything, but having similar core values and beliefs will help you survive difficult times if you get that far.

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