Libra 2021 Love Horoscope

Two very important astrological developments are taking place in your love life in 2021. Saturn is moving out of your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities and Jupiter is moving into it. Restrictions, burdens and limitations are moving away; expansion and happiness are moving in. Not bad.

Jupiter in your House of Marriage shows that a happy, fortunate marriage is likely. It could be an actual marriage or a quasi-marriage (living together). Either way, it will involve a significant, long-term relationship.

Those who are already married will experience more romance with the current partner. The present relationship becomes happier and more optimistic. Singles will find Mr or Ms Right. All of you will be expanding your social circle and meeting new and important friends.

Jupiter is the Lord of your 3rd Solar House and this will give us some clues as to who Mr or Ms Right is: someone in your neighbourhood, close to home. Perhaps you meet him or her through a neighbour or at a neighbourhood party. The meeting could happen in an educational setting or while studying a foreign language. Could be a foreigner or someone not of your cultural or religious background. Seems highly educated and refined. A teacher perhaps. A fun lover. Is either rich or leads a rich lifestyle.

Love happens very quickly. This is a love-at-first-sight type of deal. The relationship progresses quickly. A whirlwind romance. Both of you are swept off your feet.

There could be a few false starts, but the real one will come along and you’ll know it.

A similar pattern happens with friends. Your social magnetism is so strong now that you meet them wherever you go. Friendship is instant. Here too, there could be a few mistakes, but overall your social intuition is good.

Mars, your Love Planet, spends an unusual amount of time in your own Sign this year 2021. Thus, your lover is eager to please you. You get your way. He or she will be very active and supportive in your financial life as well. Those of you who have been married once (or even twice) before will have an active social life but marriage seems a matter of free will – the Cosmos neither pushing nor obstructing you. My feeling is that the status quo will prevail.

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