Libra Wellness Horoscope

Libra's physical structure – the Libras have a very special feature. They have a harmonious look with an oval face. They have long and elegant neck which gives them a royal look. Their beautiful almond shaped eyes, V Shaped chin and chubby cheeks with dimples give them a marvellous look. Their height is average and they tend to put on weight when they reach middle age. In order to avoid putting weight during the middle age it is good for them to start exercising right from their teenage and adolescence. Their physical structure radiates poise, charm and compassion.

Libra Habits – the Libras have a habit of pampering themselves. The like to have the best of everything in life and will use all their money to get them. They are shopaholic in true sense and will spend most of their earnings in things that they like. However because of their such habits they tend to be left high and dry at times and they will have no one around the help them. They need to be a bit more careful and should try to get happiness and pleasure from simple things of life. They always want to earn more and keep complaining about their earnings.

Libra Health – Libras have a strong desire to look young and beautiful at all times thus they take proper care of their health. They do all that is required to stay young and beautiful throughout. Some of the problem areas in their body are back, buttocks, kidneys and bladder. They also suffer from tensions caused by emotional outburst, especially when they are having problems with their relationships. It is best for them to stay away from foods that contain high calorie as well as alcohol. They need to keep their weight in check.

Libra beauty scope – The Libras have a long and elegant neck, thus a beautiful and heavy necklace will truly highlight their beauty. They have a charming smile which they need to keep up to make them look prettier. Some of the beauty tips that make them look good are soft beige, pink glossy lipstick, lacy and colourful dresses, sandals, capris and tank tops. They are fashion forward and will wear those clothes that will make them look beautiful. They have their own personal style which is also their fashion statement.

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