Libra Monthly Wellness Horoscope

In the beginning of the month you are keen to start a new fitness regime. Some minor health problems have caused you to become watchful of your health and beginning a new health regime is definitely a step in the right direction. However, avoid taking advice from others regarding your health as they might misguide you. In the second week, you are concerned about your weight and ready to do something about it soon. You are more careful about your diet and make wise choices when it comes to your health. Take advantage of these breezy vibes to relax and re-energize your body and spirit. In the third week yoga benefits you immensely on the health front. It rejuvenates you besides boosting your energy levels. You feel a lot better by switching to a vegetarian diet. Stomachaches due to overeating are indicated towards the month end; be careful about how much and what you eat. Blood sugar and blood pressure patients should begin a fitness routine. You also should be careful about what you eat this month as slight digestive problems are indicated. Take proper care of your health so that you do not succumb to any ailment now.

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