Libra 2021 Horoscope

Your experiences this year can launch a long period of innovative, creative changes that open new avenues of self-expression. You are ready to break away from situations that inhibit your individuality, yet you are restricted by the need to honor responsibilities. Home and family have a special significance over the course of the year, and your influence within the family may be more marked than in the past. On a personal level, it’s time to consolidate your efforts and train your focus on the best ways to create a life that fulfills your needs as a whole person.
The planet Jupiter spends the entire year transiting in the sign of Capricorn, highlighting your solar 4th house. You’re feeling a need to create greater security, and you’re in an excellent cycle to do something about achieving that aim. Increasing confidence allows you to face issues that may have seemed overwhelming in the past. Whether those issues are internal or external, you’re capable of facing your fears and moving beyond them into a more peaceful reality. Family also can respond to you in a more supportive manner, and this is a great time to resolve any issues with your parents.
You may have a more marked interest in making home improvements, and can be driven by the need to increase your living space.You will certainly value your home more than in the past, and can be quite successful in adding to its monetary worth. This is a great time to invest in real estate. You’re literally expanding your base of operations on every level. At the inner level, you’re capable of greater self-acceptance. Generosity toward others, and their generosity toward you becomes more marked. You must be
alert to the possible entrapment of this period— primarily overindulging just because you want something. If you become overly inflated with your own importance, your foundation can literally collapse from the weight of excess.
The solar and lunar eclipses are especially significant for you this year, since they occur within the Aries/Libra axis. The Moon’s North Node is transiting in Libra, drawing your attention to the way you really feel about yourself and your life experiences. You cannot hide from your real feelings now, but you can acknowledge this internal process and have a greater capability of reaching closure in the areas of unfinished emotional business. Crisis situations reach their peak during April and October, the months of the solar eclipses. You can take action and make changes that can help resolve a crisis before it becomes unmanageable.
Of particular importance are intimate relationships, but your partnership is at the crux of your discontent. You may be unhappy with a partner, yet when you try to determine the exact nature of that unhappiness, you’re likely to realize that you’re dealing with something that resides deep within your inner being. You must acknowledge the reasons you’re involved and what you’re gaining. Once you become clear about your personal needs, you’ll feel more capable of reaching an understanding with your partner. The greatest task facing you now centers around a need to accept yourself as you are, seeing the perfection of your life and embracing all the possibilities for change that correspond with your deepest needs.

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