Libra April 2021 Horoscope

Focus on your intimate relationships and your beautiful idealistic energy! Until the 20th, the energies of Aries shake up your conjugal or associative relationship sector, your partner or the others take on a lot of importance.

Venus, your planet, sometimes in Aries until the 14th and then in Taurus from the 15th to the 30th, changes your way of being, conquering at first then more relaxed but no less sensual! Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, in beautiful aspect to your sign, open constructive and evolutionary emotional perspectives, last two decans. Mars supports your socio-professional destiny until the 23rd, you are fighting and nothing scares you! A bit of tension in the home remains possible, last decan, as well as a little melancholy in your daily life, same decan. From the 20th, your sensuality skyrockets, your thoughts are deep, you embody the intensity!

Love in General:
An important evolution in your way of loving continues its work in depth thanks to Jupiter and Saturn, your intimate nature opens more to perennial loves and becomes devoid of frivolity. Until the 20th, your partner is fundamental, your temperament brought to the union is seen here reinforced in its quest. You could live something beautiful, presently or in the future.

In a relationship:
Your other half takes their place in front of you until the 20th. Your exchanges are very important, you listen to them and you expect them to do the same with you. The energies of Aries jostle a little your natural diplomacy, stay calm. From the 21st, passion consumes you two!

Surprising opportunities until the 20th to meet someone who matches your most specific expectations, love at first sight thanks to the influx of Venus in Aries until the 19th! Unless during a trip, your heart does not budge. Bet on your legendary charisma after the 21st!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month is all about the importance of your otherness! No one doubts that you are up to such a challenge, your conciliatory, open and affectionate temperament should win this challenge hands down, even heartfelt!

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