Libra February 2021 Horoscope

Love and sensuality! A nice month for your emotional affairs! Your area related to your loves receives the Sun, Mercury, Venus Jupiter and Saturn until the 25th celestial energies boost your charisma and your incomparable seduction! Mars and Uranus in Taurus, a sensual sign par excellence, reinforce your monthly dispositions to experience love and its burning desires! A bit of nervousness in the home or family could tarnish this very pleasant atmosphere, stay diplomatic, last decan. At work or in your daily life do not be fooled by words or unreliable people, second decan. Then, from the 19th, the Sun in Pisces animates your professional sector by inviting you to let go of the possible annoyances or misunderstandings which could emerge.

Love in General:
This is the sector of the month! Perfect for you since you embody love and beauty! Beautiful and powerful energies accompany you throughout the month, communication, feelings and a desire for seriousness and even commitment push you to live with intensity but also harmony in your emotional life. Your libido could be excessive, keep your natural elegance!

In a relationship:
For long-time couples, it is likely that this winter period promotes your reciprocal desires to stay under the duvet more than usual! The universe spoils you with good energies both sensual and affective. Your complicity is ideal, your impulses follow an ascending curve. A new honeymoon?

Go out! Open your heart, your chances of meeting the person you are expecting are very high! An energy of conquest assists you, Mars in Taurus joint with Uranus means unforeseen impulses and events perhaps in shambles but certainly serving your affective projects. The time is now! Go for it!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Even if sometimes the sky could challenge you especially in family or at work, love will take you far and high, your most archaic fears disappear to leave room for a deep well-being. Savor this pretty month!

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