Libra July 2021 Horoscope

A focus on your general destiny, as well as your projects! The influences of Cancer, the Sun and Mercury, invite you to look at your career or events important to your future, assume your responsibilities.

Until the 12th, Mercury in Gemini opens your mind to an ideal that you want to reach while Mars in Leo until the 29th and Venus until the 22nd, favor your projects, your friendly circle, and your creativity! Until the 28th, Jupiter infuses your daily life with some changes, accompany these energies of evolution. First decan, Saturn stabilizes your love life or your relationship with your children if you are a parent. From the 23rd, the sun in Leo warms your friendly sector more, you have support to carry out a project or live nice, shared moments.

Love in General:
Venus, your planet is in Leo until the 22nd, supported by Mars also in this sign until the 29th. They clearly favor your emotional life, the expression of your feelings as well as a passionate sensuality. The universe spoils you, you who basically embodies the sign of the couple. After the 23rd, the climate gets colder, so plan a time for passion and another for rest!

In a relationship:
The planets look after your married life this month! Even if, until the 22nd, your socio-professional destiny gets to you, your feelings and your desires are in phase and will allow you to relax and assure that your life together is fulfilling and comforting. Make the most of your mutual love: after the 23rd, it's quieter.

A superb energy sent by Mars to your sign announces real opportunities to meet someone likely to lead to a romance, even a more serious love story! You are convincing and convinced, which foreshadows events in your favor. Make yourself look good and accept all the invitations!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Leave the stress and pressure of your work behind until at least the 22nd, in order to optimize the monthly beneficial energies dedicated to your love life or your well-being. Your delicate nature requires a balance to work well!

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