Libra May 2021 Horoscope

A spring introspection and a desire to travel! The energies of Taurus bring you to a deep introspection, a healthy focus that is certainly welcome until the 20th. A return of money could fall unexpectedly, enough to soften your existential questions! Mars impels its dynamism on your socio-professional destiny but square to your sign, do not rush anything, accompany the events.

Last decan, Pluto still blows his family or residential transformations that are always for the best! Your sentimental or parental sector receives the energies of Saturn, all month and Jupiter until the 13th brings construction and structuring in progress or to come, last two decans. Then, on the 21st, the impulses of Gemini, joyfully and harmonically connected to your sign, invite you to travel, to go elsewhere geographically or intellectually.

Love in General:
Your planet, Venus, gives you a very powerful libido until the 10th, in good aspect to Mars, your sentimental life comes to the fore! Then, the beautiful changes have their effects too, from the 11th to the 31st your feelings are strong and passionate but clash with your desires that are tinged with a pastism that does not suit you. Between yesterday and tomorrow, choose!

In a relationship:
Your couple will always be the big deal of your life and during this month the energies concentrate their effects on your rather powerful sensuality then on an ideal of life that you could caress together! Opt for a light and transformative communication in order to live your complicity fully.

Some opportunities may arise in your circle, on a trip or during a festive or cultural outing. In other words, go out, you who are usually so mundane and comfortable in society, show off your talents, show off your good interpersonal skills and carefully avoid interprofessional relationships that are too electrical!Le Conseil de Mon Horoscope du Mois :This month looks nice, no unnecessary risk or destabilization except perhaps your work where your natural diplomacy and your charm are welcome! Jupiter starts in your area of the daily from the 14th, evolution to come!

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