Libra November 2021 Horoscope

Like the good scales that you are, you seek your balance, but as of the 2nd you seem destabilized by a situation which you do not control. However, the stars protect you since you succeed where you thought you had failed, it's a great victory! Around November 17th, opportunities arise. The planets offer you quite extraordinary possibilities if you have to travel, change jobs or move.

By giving priority to your goals, you multiply your chances of success, even your wacky ideas find takers. If you are looking for a comfortable life, the changes that are coming will satisfy you. In family, the relationships are cordial and sincere, the bonds are strong. Around the 26th new contacts are favored, you attract sympathy.

Love in General:
The period is sweet for your loves, everything is fluid, you are stimulated by a life-giving energy, you are a real magnet. However, you do not know if this positive phase will last but you live for the moment without worrying about the rest. The exchanges are rewarding, you are very happy with these turn of events.

In a relationship:
As a couple, you express your desires, your partner is all ears, between you communication goes well, together you consider future projects. You have found your balance, your relationship brings you total fulfillment. You do not need anything else, the love of your other half is enough for you.

You like to please and charm, the Libra is flirtatious and this cocktail makes you irresistible. Whether you chose a one night affair or a stable relationship for the long term, you give it your all, seduction is your area of expertise. Whether at work or in the evening you turn heads.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Wait to validate a project even if this month you are in a positive phase, you must seize the opportunities as they arise. Do not rush. The stars take care of everything.

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