Libra October 2021 Horoscope

You are being egocentric instead of looking around, you spend your time imagining a life without problems, except that it only exists in your dreams. The month begins under good auspices dear native of Libra since passion is at the rendezvous. You are solicited, whether at work, at home or in love. Receiving the attention of others propels you to the top of the zodiac parade.

Are you a bit pretentious? It is around October 22nd that the planets give you a hard time in matters of the heart, it is an excellent test in anticipation. In the office some small difficulties can intervene with your colleagues, show a little diplomacy to calm things down.

Love in General:
The planets warn you about your offbeat behavior that you sometimes have with certain people, so differences of opinion are present, loves suffer. Adopt another strategy and everything will be much better. If the beginning of the month is conducive to being closer, the end of the month brings fragility to your love.

In a relationship:
Your partner expects you to show proof of love, because this month your relationship is marked by an imbalance. For you to find complicity it takes a little time. It will be up to you to make some efforts. But on the positive side, you react at the right time, your relationship remains welded.

Nothing is lacking on the dating scene, except that you are being difficult. A problem of motivation or simple revenge? It is during the second week that you are ready to make new acquaintances, the atmosphere is sweet and you are confident. You are not safe from having a crush at the end of the month.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Do not be grumpy for everything and for nothing, do not get stuck on unimportant details. Be gentle, show your diplomacy, make arrangements, put away your bad mood. Your kindness is a major asset in your relationships with others.

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