Libra Woman in Love

The Libra girl is often a stunner, and more than aware of the fact, mind you. Most people may be fooled by her aloof demeanour, and believe her to be arrogant. But remember that, she may be choosy, she herself has such a clear and beautiful mind that it’s natural that she take time to find someone she can connect with. Once she is able to match frequencies with her mate, it will be a glorious lifetime of conversations over myriad topics. Not the one to shy away from a good discussion, Libra girl will have a lot to teach her companions, especially in terms of her debating skills.

And, remember that she is equally capable of defending the positive and negative side of an argument, as her discerning mind easily critiques the issue and synthesizes information to support her argument. This may become a problem, though, as the Libra girl rarely believes in giving an argument rest. Lover of beauty and quality in everything, this female is a romantic idealist, and in her search for her Prince Charming, she may leave behind many expectant hearts. And, although, she is no dominatrix, she doesn’t want to be bossed over either.

Libra Woman in Love & Relationships

A Libra woman will please you if your image of an ideal woman is someone beautiful in a tasteful kind of way (nothing tacky), who dresses well and can join you in intelligent conversation without being too opinionated. Sometimes her beauty is more evident in the ideas she expresses than in her physical appearance. However, if she fears that you are the kind of man who finds intelligent articulate women difficult she may tactfully try to hide her talent in this area, or only exercise it when she is not with you. You would enjoy her company more (and she yours) if you could overcome your fears.

Libra is represented zodiacally as a pair of scales, and this gives a clue to the personality the Libra woman you love will present. Everything must in balance. If she dresses tastefully this may balance less than tasteful surroundings. If she spends time and talent organising her life and the people in it this is because she can better balance the demands on her time that way, and in any case, life as a whole looks better that way.

What can seem to a Libra woman to throw life out of balance are the events that stir strong emotion within her, especially the uglier emotions of fear, jealousy and the like. She feels more within her element when living at the level of the mind and intellect than she does when called upon deal with fear or to show empathy with someone going through a dark patch. If you can exercise empathy towards her in such a situation, guiding her in the holding of her feelings without either hurting others through inappropriate expression of them, or hurting herself through denial and repression of them, you will do much to help her live her life in a more completely balanced way as well as enhancing the love between you.

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