How to Attract a Libra Man

Attracting a Libra man is quite easy, but pinning him down is a somewhat harder task. Men born under Libra love to flirt and be flirted with and are rarely without a date for long. These guys are extremely popular since they’re so charming and such good company. So if the one you want is available, you’ll need to act fast before someone else snares him first. Don’t, however, make the cardinal mistake of pressurizing a Libra man into some kind of commitment. He prefers to take his own sweet time over the game of love, keeping his options open for as long as possible. Notorious for their indecisiveness, Libra men are also prone to cancelling dates at a moment’s notice. You’ll need to take this in your stride if you’re pursuing a Libra man. Getting upright or angry definitely won’t help your cause.

Be Ultra-Polite and Congenial

Never be aggressive, rude or loud-mouthed if you want to attract a Libran male. Most men born under the star sign of Libra hate arguments, find "heavy" emotions hard to deal with, and are scared off by uncontrolled outbursts. These guys are peace loving types looking for a quiet life, who will go to any lengths to avoid an ugly confrontation. You should be aware that shouting, swearing and generally behaving in a gross way will have a negative effect on your chance of seducing a Libra man. Because he’s born under an Air sign, the Libran male prefers to talk through issues calmly and rationally - and will expect you to do the same. Certainly, he’s more likely to be attracted to you if you appear open-minded, level-headed and someone who’s willing to give and take.

Always Look Your Gorgeous Best

Bear in mind, however, that although a Libra man will be drawn to your mind, physical beauty is equally - if not more - important to this guy. Ruled by Venus and known for its personal attractiveness, Libra is a sign that likes to surround itself with nice things and beautiful people. Rarely will a Libra man be attracted to a partner who isn’t at least as cute and stylish as himself. For this reason, in order to gain a Libran’s attention you should make a big effort with your appearance. When you’re around this man, make a point of wearing your most flattering clothes, your best jewelry and your most alluring fragrance. The Libra man wants a decorative companion by his side who will complement, or enhance, his own good looks. Be someone he can be proud of by making sure you fit the part.

Lend a Listening Ear

Be a good conversationalist. Demonstrating that you can talk intelligently and amusingly on a variety of subjects is an excellent way to attract a Libra guy’s interest and make him want to spend time with you. Good communication is at the top of this man’s list of priorities when it comes to choosing a romantic partner. Because Libra men find it hard to think clearly without someone they can constantly bounce ideas off, they’re looking for a partner who’s a good listener. Before making even the smallest of decisions, many Librans have a compulsive need to run through all the pros and cons over and over again. You’ll be in with a good chance of seducing this guy if you show you’re the kind of person who’s willing to lend an ear - without getting bored or impatient - if necessary for hours on end.

Be His Best Friend and Confidante

But perhaps the number one tip for getting a Libra man to fall in love with you is simply to become his best friend. To a Libran, love and friendship are closely intertwined, for which reason it’s unusual for a Libra guy to become romantically involved with someone who isn’t also a good buddy. The first step in seducing a Libra man is to make yourself indispensable to him as a close confidant - someone he feels really understands him and whom he can trust with all his secrets. Do this by creating lots of little opportunities to share some quality one-on-one time in quiet settings, and encourage him to open up to you by first revealing some personal things about yourself. Slowly but surely your Libra man will start to believe he can’t manage without you - and hopefully romance will follow on.

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