Libra Man in Bed

The Libra man is very romantic and really enjoys being in love with someone. He is therefore the type of man who falls in love very easily. The moment he falls in love with his woman of choice, he falls in love seriously; he does not joke around. He does everything he says he will do and would never lead you on. This individual loves himself a lot. However, he still desires to be loved by someone else as well, just like any other human being would. Therefore, in all aspects of your relationship ensure that you give as much as you receive. Due to the fact that the Libra zodiac sign enjoys romance, you should not be shy to express your love to him.

As much as the Libra male is sincere and honest in everything that he says, it does not mean that he is insensitive. He will put your needs first and even when he is the one making logic in argument, he will be willing to let you win just to avoid a war. He enjoys a well balanced and peaceful relationship. He will look past your weaknesses and focus more on your positive side. This is one reason why the women love him so much. In addition to that, he has a very charming personality, is attractive and calm. He never has difficulty in finding a date.

Libra Man in Love Relationships

When he is in a relationship the Libra man will do everything he can to make sure that it stays strong. Relationships make him feel complete. He is very sincere and objective and would never at any one time hurt his partner with the use of words.

If you ask him for his honest opinion about the smallest things such as the size of your bum in a certain outfit, be ready for the truth. He is very sincere and he might tell you what you don’t really want to hear.

How to Turn On a Libra Man In Bed

I can honestly say that of all the signs of the zodiac, if you’re lucky enough to catch and keep a Libra guy, then you’re going to get your feel of romance and adoration. The problem is, however, often women of other signs have no idea what to do with a Libra guy once we get him.

Libra’s are romantic, they’re caring, and you’re almost afraid to pull out the handcuffs and lingerie. Don’t get me wrong, these guys can be extremely (how do I say this delicately?)…promiscuous. Still, once you’ve grabbed ahold of one, he’ll be true. You just have to figure out what to do with him next. That’s where these wicked sex tips come in handy, ladies. Here’s how to get (and pleasure) your Libra guy.

Get Romantic - Are you looking for candlelight and poetry? If so, then you’re in luck! Libra guys are all about the romance. Light some candles, put on some soft, romantic music, and treat your man to a night of romance.

Keep Yourself Clean - If you’re into the grunge look, you’re not getting a Libra. These men like their material objects and they like their partners clean and well kept. Tidiness isn’t enough, you really have to smell good and look good, too. Go all out for this guy and fix your hair and make-up. He’ll appreciate it.

Don’t Bore Him - These guys are lovers, and they have a short attention span. If you really want to date a Libra, you have to keep him entertained (talk dirty to him just like he likes it). He’s not a stay at home and veg out kind of guy, your Libra wants to be doing something. Keep him entertained.

Get into his Head - One of the things I really can’t stress enough about a Libra is that this guy absolutely will not tolerate dull mindedness. He is the guy you need to have an intelligent conversation with. In fact, if you can’t banter and debate you might as well forget it. Women with no brain hold no interest for the Libra. Sure, there are some men that like a woman to be compliant and have no original thoughts of her own, but not a Libra guy. Libra guys have to have intelligent conversation or else they’ll be on to their next conquest (and trust me, ladies, these romantics never have a problem finding a date).

Be Independent - One of the things that will really turn your Libra guy on is your own sense of independence. This isn’t the guy you break your plans for. This is the guy that you say, “Not tonight, I’ve already got plans with the girls. I’ll call you tomorrow, honey.” and then go on about your night. Libra men don’t want clingy women, they don’t need you texting them every day, and they don’t take well to women who try to control them or women who they need to control. be an individual, don’t change yourself for him, and your Libra will respect you (which is exactly how you’re going to keep him interested). The same way, it’s very important that you also give him the respect he intrinsically craves. Remember, mental stimulation equals physical stimulation with these guys.

Let Him Catch You - If you’re not offering enough of a challenge, your Libra will get bored and move on. Once again, you have to be an individual to keep this guy going. Let him chase you. Also, these guys have a strong sense of self and they know how to treat a lady, so don’t be the woman that insists on paying for everything or says she can open the door herself. Libra men are very romantic and classy, you have to let him call you first, you have to let him open the door and pay the bill, and you have to let him be the man.

Libra Man Sexual Horoscope

Libra man are the most charismatic and charming people you will ever come across, they are the type of people who are always taking the limelight. People can easily get attracted towards a Libra man because of their charming nature. When it comes to sex, these people are the most sexually active animals you will ever come across. They are horny and they need and think about sex almost all the time if they are in a relationship. They are also very wild and raw when it comes to bed and sleeping with them on the bed is not for the soft and sensitve people. Having love with a libra is definitely not for the faint hearted or the weak minded people because you need to match their energy levels and physicalty while performing in the bed. They are quite similar to Aries when it comes to bed.

Their traits match a lot. Librans love themselves a lot, a kind of self obsession which they have but at the same time they expect to be loved by their partners and get all the pampering and attention by their loved ones. One more fact about Libra is that they consider lovemaking as the vital element ad priorities in life. They are always sport for experimenting in their sex lives. Be it bathroom, kitchen, in train or at your sister’s place they will always be game for it and would never say no. Thats the best part about Libra the Libra man. They love sex so much they wont mind having during anytime of the day anywhere.

They are the ultimate animals along with Aries in bed. Since Libra man really enjoy it, they can get really adventuruous and experimental with their partners in the bed and this would be fun even for their partners as they would get a chance to reach better orgasms and have more fun during the bed-times. Libra guys can also become very erotic and tend to enjoy foreplay a lot. Infact for many libra man, foreplay is more important than sex and this is not a over-statement for sure.

Libra may enjoy trying out new things because of their energetic sensual nature but at the same time they would never go over-board with it as they know their partners may or may not possess the same energy levels and physicality. These are the people who are expert and highly skilled when it comes to performing in the bed and they gain more pleasure in giving satisfaction to their partner instead of receiving it. Overall these are great people to have fun with in the bed and they are also romantic and don’t be surprised if you find your bed filled with flower petals and champagne to enjoy a good evening with them.

Libra Man Passion in Bed

The Libra guy considers sex to be a vital element of his life because he really enjoys it. His love for sex is not driven by physical aspects but psychological. He is the kind of man who is very open to challenges due to the fact that all women are different and they will each have their own preferences.

As much as he will give you all he can, he will expect you to do the same in return. Since he really enjoys it he can be very adventurous and willing to try out new things. So don’t hold back on this venture. He likes a woman who can take things into control as well as be submissive at times.

Libra men can be very erotic and enjoy foreplay very much with a touch of dirty talk. He is also very sensual and enjoys trying out new things but he does not go beyond the extraordinary. He is highly skilled in bed and takes the pleasure in giving more than he receives. If you end up dating a Libra man you can expect a romantic experience with the likes of champagne and roses spread all over the bed.

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