Libra in Marriage

Being a Libran, you will feel complete and more with yourself only after getting into a relationship. So a marriage will do wonders on you. You might even say the Libran balance is achieved after the marriage. But the balance is again the very issue with the Libran. You tend to think too much in tems of the couple. All the decisions you take has this flavor, which is good in quite many ways.

But for quite a lot many reasons, you need to maintain your individuality. It is too easy for you to give in to your partner’s opinion, sacrifice opportunities and careers and make all sorts of amends in your life for the partnership. At some point, it is important to you how the world looks at you as a single person, and the picture is not a very normal one for them. Not only that, in case the relationship does not work out, you will be the one to point out that you gave up everything to make it work, even though you didn’t need to. I know you feel this is a very selfish way of thought, but it’s not! After a certain extent, it is not prudent to jeopardize your career and your individuality for any relationship – that’s the hard truth.

Marriage is like two trees across a road – both of them have to bend in order to meet. You’d obviously want the partner to act in a peace at all cost kind of way, but that does not quite happen. Instead of putting your demands in a strong enough way, you tend to tell yourself that the demands are too unreasonable to be accepted and lay low. I am not telling you to fight, all I’m saying is that you have the experience and intelligence to decide what is good for the two of you just as much as the partner. As for children, you need to know how to discipline them. They can take you for a ride, and you will solely be responsible for that. These are things you need to work on.

Libra Male as a Husband

Picking out Mr Libra in a crowd is easy: he’s the debonair, urbane culture-vulture, hobnobbing with those of power and influence while making sure he’s being seen in the best light. Charming? You’ve never been so charmed. He has manners, he is attentive, empathizes with you and your problems. He can be politically correct and let you pay for dinner but he’d rather play the gentleman. Don’t be fooled though, it’s just his captivating ruse to gain control. You see, he is a Cardinal sign - ambitious and self-motivated - and he’s also a narcissist, which means no matter how much he talks about sharing, his main concern is himself. He’s also not the sexiest guy in the zodiac - he may have a passion for erotica but intimacy and hot, steamy exchanges are simply not his thing.

Libra Female as a Wife

A Libra woman is a total romantic to the core. She will love, cherish and honor her man. She will gladly allow him to dominate her. She will take care of him. And all this will be done with graceful charm and famous Venus smile. Being suspicious is not her nature. She will never try to invade your privacy. She loves her freedom and expects her man to respect it too. She might splurge on expensive perfumes, chic clothes and classic music. She will be a true companion in crisis. Her man is her first priority in life. Of course, there will be too many arguments to be won with a Libra female. Most of the times she will do the talking. She is highly intellectual and her man has to match up to it. This woman can win anyone’s heart with her dimpled smile and pleasing manners. A Libra woman’s man has the prettiest female by his side when he goes to a party and the smartest friend when he is in any kind of trouble. (What luck!)

Libra Love Compatibility