Neptune in Libra

Individuals with Libra rising are most vulnerable to Neptune’s placing in Libra. Confusion or delusion may be present. If the rest of the chart indicates a laziness or lack of self-confidence, Neptune in Libra will increase that influence. If Neptune is not a personal planet, and if Libra is not prominent then it should not be a problem. In that case, Neptune in Libra will endow the individual with sympathy and kindness.

Neptune was in Libra for everyone on Earth from October 1942 through October 1956, the only time in the last 200 years. As Libra is "The iron fist in the velvet glove", on the international scene we saw World War II—the dissolving of peace between nations. Individually, if Neptune is afflicted in the birth chart, this placement brings karmic lessons in partnerships for souls incarnating during this period. Relationships are an ideal for you, but there needs to be sacrifice, compromise, and an inner change in consciousness where they’re concerned. Only by changing your inner attitudes will you bring about changes in the outer physical world of matter and others. New art forms came into being during this cycle, as well as the awareness of treating others without discrimination and as equals.

Planets in Libra