Pluto in Libra

Pluto in Libra: Here is a tendency to want to rock the boat in relationships. If sun or moon is in Libra, there will be an active sex life. If Pluto is negatively aspected, there may be sexual problems. If Libra is prominent in the chart, or if Pluto is a personal planet, jealousy and possessiveness will be a problem.

Pluto was in Libra for everyone on Earth from October 1971 to November 1983 (and again in May through August 1984 as well), the first time since 1735. Souls born during this 13 year period have been learning how to relate to others as equals. By listening to how reality exists for another person, one becomes able to give that individual what he or she truly needs. And by having a wide variety of relationships with many value systems, emotional and cultural patterns and spiritual beliefs, one can grow in understanding of themselves by comparison and contrast. You will find that change and inner growth often come through intense partnerships with both friends and lovers, with a need to examine your unconscious motivations and aspects of relating. You may also have new and potentially revolutionary ideas about law and justice.

Planets in Libra