Saturn in Libra

If you have Saturn in Libra, you are diplomatic, tactful, and you have balanced judgment which inspires trust. In matters if health there may be urinary problems or trouble with the kidneys. Saturn tends to obstruct the filtering action of the kidneys, allowing toxic elements to stay in the blood stream and intoxicate the body. Drinking distilled rather than spring, mineral or tap water would be better for your kidneys. There is a need for you to cooperate and share in harmony, patience, and love with other people. Marriage or partnerships may be restricting, requiring hard work and discipline so that you may learn the lessons of cooperation rather than competition.

Marriage and partnerships give you a sense of security and for that reason you seek them out. You may marry for practical reasons, for money, or to someone a lot older or younger. Various possibilities exist with this position. You may take great trouble to find a mate who is able to demonstrate a similar integrity, and thus marry at a later age than most, or you may choose an older partner or a contemporary who is apt to be austere or undemonstrative. A desire for perfection may make you too demanding in the marriage or your view of marriage may be too conventional or old-fashioned. If Saturn is badly aspected, then you may be cold or regard marriage as a yoke with which you do not care to burden yourself. Or lastly, you may tell yourself that you will never find a partner who will measure up to your requirements.

Saturn symbolizes tests, limitation, structure, karma, consolidation, delays, time, the father, discipline, school, teachers, contraction, responsibility, obligation, perseverance and ambition. Therefore Saturn is said to be best placed or exalted in Libra, the sign of balance and relationship, for where but in relationship to other human beings are we so sorely tested? Through the arts of responsibility, patience, flexibility and endurance we can relate to others over extended periods of time. With this placement you need to let go of competition and develop a habit of cooperativeness. The glyph for Saturn (above) is the crescent of personality held down by the cross of matter. Saturn teaches us humility, that we need to bow our heads and subjugate our egos to the way things are. There is no where that we have to do this more than in intimate, one-to-one relationships with our equals.

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