Libra Woman and Cancer Man

Through the elements of Air and Water, Libra and Cancer make one of the most fascinating and befuddling association of all the zodiac signs. Their relationship teaches them the biggest lesson of life, i.e., compromise, resulting in ever-lasting happiness. They both are sensitive to each others feeling and accommodate well once they are together and committed.

A Cancer man is very moody person with sharp and intuitive mind. He is usually popular in his friend circle for his lovely sense of humor. He is true analyst and before taking any important step, he always focuses on shortcomings related to the situation. Though he may look cold occasionally but basically he has a very affectionate and warm nature. In a relationship with a Libra girl, he greatly admires her tender nature and her lovely smile which he milks with his humorous attitude. But since their approach towards life is usually different from Libra woman’s balancing nature, a few problems can crop up.

A Libra woman is a lady full of life, tinkling smile and has some deep understanding of all facets of life. She is known for her loveliness and her warm nature. With all the graceful feminine characteristics, she has intellect at par matching to the male logic. She is one woman who can handle family and office with smooth perfection and fresh thoughts. In love with a Cancer man, she admires him for his protective nature and jolly nature. She adores him for his intelligence and his way of tackling situations. Also she stands beside him to see him flourish in all aspects of life and remove obstacles off his path.

Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

The match of a Libra woman and a Cancer man may not work-out. The problem will lie in their lack of concern for each other. On one hand, a Libra woman is spendthrift whereas a Cancer man is money oriented. Cancer man is very emotional and sensitive but a Libra woman is very easygoing and carefree. This match may not sustain on a permanent basis. But Astrology also feels that if both the zodiac signs are mature enough then the bond should not be too fragile to break off.

A Cancer man gets fascinated by a Libra woman very easily. As he approaches her with his sensitively humorous attitude, she reacts positively to his approach, giving a good start to the relationship. She not only offers a lovely mate but can also be extremely sensible and give a lot of creative inputs in the business affairs or job of her Cancer male which are always welcomed by him. At times his heroic nature impresses her extremely and she esteems his determination with all her heart. Usually she will be the one to come with the concept of marriage in their relationship, which may not be equally appreciated by the Cancer man at first as he is very cautions regarding every part of life. The over exciting attitude and extravagance of Libra female are the things that irritates him and he may sound either cold or strict at times. However, a bit more of sensibility on her part can make things easy for both of them.

Even the Libra woman is bound to feel attracted towards the Cancer man because of his considerate nature and his ability to make her smile. She feels secure and free whenever she is with him. The chivalry exhibited by the Cancer man brightens up her dull mood. He is also very sympathetic towards the mood swings experienced by his Libra girl as he is compassionate and understands them well. The serenity shown by him makes her bloom in the shine of his love. Once seriously in the relationship, he also looks around for permanence and agrees for the marital knot which makes her feel safe and loved. But the insecure nature of the Cancer man makes her feel bonded and suspected which dampen her spirits. Moreover, she sometimes also finds him to be secretive which forces her to look for the reliability of the relationship in long term.

As romance deeply flourishes between these two love birds, the Libra woman and Cancer man will make a perfect match with so much of consideration and respect for each other that it even inspires others. With her tinkling smile and his great sense of humor their home is always a dwelling place for laughter and happiness. Their flowers are always fresh and their eyes are always brimming with love for each other. The Air of Libra woman keeps the Water of Cancer man cool and composed. He gives up all his insecurities and tells her all that his heart holds while she forgets the whole world and fall deeply for her Cancer man showing strong loyalty and affection. As spirited are their sunrises, as romantic are their sunsets with the fragrance of care and devotion lingering around them.

Physical relationship helps them to keep the mundane tensions of life at bay and understand each other more closely. When the Cancer man completely dedicates himself in a relationship, then he expresses his emotion physically, without being bogged down by any kind of fear. He can prove to be a great lover because he can instill a sense of peace in the mind of the Libra woman, through his emotional nature and balances her problems with his soothing touch. The physical relationship with the Cancer man helps her to feel free from all the worries of life.

He thoroughly enjoys the physical relationship because she infuses immense amount of tenderness, which helps him to relax and experience a lot of joy through it. She makes him comfortable and shower immense love on him both physically and emotionally. He would do anything to retain the kind of feelings that are triggered by the Libra woman. There is a purity in their intimacy and a bond that connect their hearts straight. At times lack of passion between the two, can invite some problems in their life. To avoid such situations, they both need to maintain strong loyalty towards each other.

Though both are very affectionate in nature but there is a key difference between the styles of loving of both the Cancer man and Libra woman that could easily become a bone of contention over time. He expresses his love in a personalized manner, while she is definitely more intellectually inclined. The possessiveness and stinginess of him, makes her dull and her argumentativeness and temperament makes him detached. There is always a chance of building huge walls around one’s self, restricting the conversation between both leading to strong disliking and differences. But if a little caution is taken, he can be extraordinarily caring and supportive, and she is ready to accommodate and compromise!

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