Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

Libra and Scorpio make a lovely couple especially if it is Libra woman and Scorpio man. Both of them value commitment and both are focused on togetherness, although in different ways! They have a lot to teach and to offer to each other. Finding a common ground can make things easy and commitment stronger in their relationship.

A Scorpio man is a man who is very deep. He is sensitive and fiercely suspicious. He is a person who has high values and uses his emotional intelligence for good purposes. While he has a reputation for being suspicious and vengeful, these are simply his darker qualities that only come out when he is personally experiencing a bad phase in his life. In a relationship, a Scorpio man is very caring and protective mate who always stands in front of his lady love to keep her safe from all the worldly problems. No one ever gets to know the full man, but he opens up more to his lady then would with others.

A Libra woman is the very portrait of soft, elegant femininity, bestowed with incredible social skills and is notoriously charming with an angel like smile. She is charismatic, altruistic, tactful, and has the talent of sweet persuasion. Libra female’s social talents are paired with a sharp, logical mind. People readily open up to her, and she can come to understand their feelings easily. Her loyalty is unparalleled and she has a wonderful grace to her style. In a relationship she usually proves to be a perfect match for almost any man because she gives him the supreme power and stays beside him to love and support his all deeds.

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

A Scorpio man may fall in love with a Libra woman for her beauty and innocence. But, this relationship may sustain only for small period of time. However, to make this relationship work on a long run they will require to make great efforts from both the sides. Scorpio men are intense lovers but due to their jealous nature will always suspect a Libra woman and can make this relationship worse. The happiness in the marriage of a Scorpio with a Libra is a question mark but a time-being relationship will be a pleasure for both of them.

Libra woman and Scorpio man makes a very charming and intense relationship with almost every melody of life in the proper tune. With her charisma and gentleness she impresses her Scorpio male so well that he finds nothing better than her closeness. She is remarkably cool and calm in a crisis, fiercely loyal, and cheerfully adaptable to change to help him reach his goals. She is woman in every sense of the word. She has a graceful sense of argument in that she can, and most likely wins whatever she gets herself into. She truly respects and admires her man for his strength, loyalty and dedication in all aspects of life. Though she tends to push him as she shows her masculine side and dominates the relationship but when watching him getting upset with this — she turns around and become completely submissive towards him leading into a happy relationship.

Scorpio man has this undeniable debonair aura to him that attracts the lovely Libra woman without even trying. To create a strong association he needs to stay determined and focused and she has to stay emotionally impartial. Trust is a big issue and must be a common ground between both of them. The importance of finances and material possessions is on a higher scale with this couple than it is with most other couples. Scorpio man always supports his Libra woman in all her endeavors. He is always so much in love at deeper level with her that he protects her fiercely and treats her like a princess showering her with lots of love and gifts. The bond between Libra woman and Scorpio man can be beneficial to them both with his confidence and her logic and intellect to fulfill their dreams.

Love of Scorpio man and Libra woman is like waking up on the softest cloud in the sky. Both Libra and Scorpio have very dynamic personalities to share with each other. They never suffer from boredom when they are together. They always provide one another with constant love and devotion which each one craves for. As their unison blossoms in the sunshine of love and vigor, he gives up his dominating attitude and embraces his lady love to protect her from all the emotional storms and she gives up her undue nagging to love and pamper her Scorpio man to make him happiest man on the earth. When madly in love with each other they create a fairy-tale romance which gives warmth throughout their lives making them the happiest couple of the world.

In the sexual relationship, the Scorpio man and Libra woman knows what the other one desires and with their devotion and affection they reach those goals. The passions of love ignite and the emotions of love kindle and the actions of making love set the hearts of these two love birds ablaze. Libra woman is tense and Scorpio man helps her soothe her soul by intense lovemaking and makes her feel satisfied. But sometimes he may find that she is even more restless than before, this causes a deep hurt within him.

Libra woman tends to need alone time when in such a nervous state. If Scorpio man is to be around her as she makes amends with herself, he should merely keep her surroundings calm and orderly. When she is balanced, the sexual nature and physical bond between them can be so tremendous that it spills over emotionally. Tears can be a part of the showing of emotions toward one another. He is one of the best fitted lovers for Libra woman that she’d ever need in that he satisfies her every aspect except for expressing his love for her or romantically talking to her while making love to her.

There are a few drawbacks that keep on hindering the smoothness of the relationship of Libra woman and Scorpio man. Though she is not quick to offend him, it is sometimes that he finds her irritating due to her constant persuasion. He ends up angry and throwing her off her balance that is so necessary for a harmonious life. A drawback of this bond can be their form of communication. She is quite verbal in expressing her love and devotion and expects, or almost requires, the same from her lover. While he, can tell his lover just how she makes him feel with a mere glance or the touch of a hand. If she could only learn to be more patient and open-minded of Scorpio man, she gets just what she needs in some form or another. If she pushes him, however, she merely gets cold stares and silence which are not doing at all.

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